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Latest update on the two Manteca wolfdogs, 
Nazareth and Angel: 
 As most of you know, Nazareth and Angel were surrendered and released to Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue and were transported to our foster home in Petaluma, CA on Feb. 3. It was a long trip for me but I wanted to make sure that the wolfdogs arrived safely and I got to meet a wonderful gal, Doris Duncan who runs Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. She was kind enough to take them in temporarily until I could find permanent placement. I looked very hard and every day since Jan. 29 to find the right place for these two. Nazareth is a high content 12 year old, and Angel is mid content the same age. Both are quite unsocialized and needed someone very experienced, proper containment, and able to take care of all their needs. It's not easy catching them so regular medical attention is a very important concern at this age. The pups will be well cared for there.
After many disappointments as most sanctuaries are full, Leyton of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary agreed to take them and spent the last couple of weeks getting his enclosure ready for them. Yesterday went very well! We had a video crew there and soon we will be able to view the results on Leyton's Facebook page. You can see what he posted last week when they stared preparing the 5000 sq. ft. enclosure for Naz and Angel.

My second trip to Petaluma (5 1/2 hours for me), with Leyton driving from New Mexico (18-hour drive for Leyton - one way). Saturday (Mar. 19th) morning at 8:30 we all met at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue with Doris. We had a group of trained volunteers to help with capturing the two pups inside their enclosures. I requested that no drugs were used as I wanted to keep it as simple and safe as possible. We had 4-5 men with nets and we created a chain of about 10+ people to herd the two dogs to one end of the enclosure. All went well, no injuries. Zazareth did the same thing he did when he was initially picked up at his owner's - would not go into the crate and balked and had gotten injured, but since I now knew how he would react I warned Leyton to be prepared for his refusal. They lifted his hind quarters up and in he went. He did not even attempt to bite. In about 20 minutes they went into the large crates and in the air-conditioned van. You will see it all in the video. 

We gave Leyton a $700 donation since Nazareth needs to see a vet immediately (I know it's not much but it should help), and Doris $200 donation for her kindness and generosity (great food, daily attention and care). I spent quite a bit out of pocket on the two trips (gas/motel) but I wanted to ensure that they were picked up and delivered properly and safely at both venues. I am very happy to be able to help every dog I can from a terrible outcome and the donations are so helpful to make this possible. I will keep you posted once they arrive today at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in NM but keep watching Leyton's Facebook for updates.

I will recuperate today as my foot injury is bothering me a bit, I spent a lot of time on my feet yesterday chasing wolves so a day of rest and foot up with icepacks for me! Thank you all for your help and support! Pamela Jo   

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Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is active legislatively this session and testifies in support of animal rights bills. We work with lobbiests for the animals, and hope you will sign petitions that will help their cause. 

 Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

It is the mission and goal of Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue to save Wolves, Wolfdogs - and dogs that resemble wolves - from abuse, abandonment, neglect and euthanasia; to rehabilitate them both physically and emotionally using a holistic approach; and to find qualified foster homes for them until adoption or until a suitable sanctuary is found. LTWR endeavors to educate the public about the right and wrong reasons to own a Wolfdog, and to eventually put an end to the irresponsible breeding and buying of Wolves and Wolfdogs. Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is a not-for-profit all-volunteer organization. 

Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is not a sanctuary and we do not "take in" dogs on our property. We endeavor to help find qualified Foster Homes until the dog can be placed in a permanent and qualified situation.

We have a very successful adoption rate and although it takes a little longer because we are ever so picky, over 95% of the dogs posted on our website find good homes. We do not discriminate by helping only easy-to-place dogs. In fact, most of the dogs posted require a great deal of time and energy to find appropriate adopters who can care for them properly.

Our objective is to work cohesively with shelters, current owners, and qualified adopters. We network nationwide with many other Rescue groups, Sanctuaries, and not-for-profit organizations. We do interviews, reference checks and Home Visits for all applicants in order to find suitable homes for these special-needs animals.

We have found that it is usually the lack of education about the behavior of Wolfdogs that causes the owners of these animals to give up on their animals. All puppies are cute and cuddly and these babies are most endearing but knowing about the breed can prevent heartache and needless suffering for the animal. Most people with good intent try to raise Wolfdogs from pups only to later realize that they are not dealing with a typical dog. Many breeders do not properly qualify their buyers and don't care if the dog is later passed around or winds up at a shelter. Their aim is to make money, so often they will not inform buyers of the specific behaviors to be expected. Wolfdogs have special needs that most people don't understand or are not willing to take the time and effort to work with. For example, feeding an inadequate diet [of inexpensive commercial dry food usually bought in grocery stores] can often have disastrous results over long term, causing poor digestion, various diseases, or irritability that leads to unwanted behaviors. Leaving a Wolfdog in a back yard or tethered on a cable often results in the Wolfdog becoming aggressive, fearful, or unsociable.

Please enjoy our site, and while you navigate, keep in mind that we have stringent requirements for all of our potential adopters [see Adoption Requirements page]. We certainly do not want these animals which are already stressed to go to an environment where they will not get the daily care and attention they need. Visiting the Rescue Gallery and Rescue Stories will give you a good idea of why we are so passionate about getting these animals into the right homes where they will be well cared for - for the remainder of their lives. We always try to adopt our rescues into homes that will continue a holistic regime of a high-quality real-meat diet, behavior training, and lots of daily exercise. They all need escape-proof containment.

Animals available for adoption are posted on our Dogs for Adoption page. If you think you have the appropriate experience, environment and lifestyle to give one of these special animals a home, please contact the Person of Contact [POC] found at the bottom of each Bio. As part of the process the POC will carefully review your Adoption Application to ensure a good match. Someone will then call for a phone interview and set up a Home Visit to verify that you truly have what it takes to give a Wolfdog a happy and secure home. Qualified Foster Homes are also badly needed to give a rescue temporary sanctuary until an appropriate adopter can be found. To find out more about what we do, please visit our About Us page. Donations or purchases at one of our three on-line stores on our Shopping page are also greatly appreciated and help us to continue our rescue efforts to save even more animals. When you donate, 100% of your contribution goes toward the rescues for food, transportation, spay/neutering, supplies, medical treatment, etc.

Hope you enjoy our website. There is a lot of information for you to browse through - articles on feeding and safety tips; links; and of course photos and bios on our dogs for adoption. Enjoy your visit and please help out with a donation. If everyone pitches in, so many more wolfdogs will be pulled from shelters, and Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue will be able to continue to save lives. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Pamela Jo - Executive Director, Canine Behavior Consultant, Handler

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