Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue Sitemap

  • Listings for Wolfdogs and northern breed-dogs for adoption. Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is not a sanctuary and we do not have our rescues on property. Most of the dogs available for adoption are in shelters or foster homes and need homes urgently. LTWR specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of Wolves and Wolfdogs as well as many northern-breed dogs. Information on adoption requirements, behavior issues, containment, nutrition, and holistic rehabilitation is available on our website. An on-line store, WOLF THINGS, carries Wolf-related books, training DVDs, pet supplies, clothing, collectables, and calendars. All proceeds go directly to the rescues.
  • LTWR is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded by Pamela Jo Hormiotis. We rescue, rehabilitate, and place these dogs in qualified homes. Pamela Jo also founded Pet Network in Lake Tahoe NV.
  • Adoption requirements for applicants to review, prior to filling out an Adoption Application. Wolves and wolfdogs are not your average canine. Food, containment, and behaviors summary.
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  • Puppy diets, training, and care.
  • Safety tip for collars, riding in trucks, cars, walking your dog, etc.
  • Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue contact information.
  • The Nation's largest listing of Wolfdogs and Northern breed dogs for adoption on the web, with a description of each dog and pictures. We network nationwide with shelters and other rescue organizations, finding qualified homes for canines.
  • Animal Adoption Application, Recommended reading, Fostering Agreement,Wolfdog frequently asked questions.
  • Adoption Application for Dogs, Wolves, Wolfdogs and other animals.
  • Wolf and Wolfdog Books. Dr Balch herbal healing, Dr Pitcairn natural health, Nicole Wilde wolfdog behavior books, Cesar Milan dog training DVD's.
  • Fostering agreement for a Wolfdog or dog. Volunteers are always needed nationwide.
  • Recommended dog and cat food brands. Dog food recalls. Wolfdog and dog diet and feeding suggestions. Bloat, Twisted Bowel Syndrome.
  • All donations HELP US SAVE ANIMALS. All donations go 100% directly to the animals medical, spay/neuter, food, travel, etc. expenses. We are all volunteer.
  • Join us on FaceBook. Postings of all of the dogs for adoption listed on our website. We do our very best to keep our site up to date.
  • A guide to feeding your canine. Recipes, holistic diets, care and recommended reading.
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  • Home made recipe of all natural ingredients and ground turkey. This recipe is much more nourishing and healthier than store bought foods.
  • Information abouot Twisted Bowel Syndrome, also known as Bloat.
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  • Dogs missing, lost, or stolen. Please help us find these missing companions.
  • These poor dogs have passed on over the Rainbow Bridge. Some were euthanized by impatient owners, for chronic health reasons, or killed at a shelter.
  • Natural and holistic heath remedies for dogs.
  • Listing infomation as reqired to place your dog on our website for adoption, nationwide network.
  • Photos of some of the Wolves and Wolfdogs that we have rescued and placed in qualified loving homes. These animals were badly abused and neglected.
  • Some of our successful Wolfdog and Wolf rescues, with photos of before and after. Many were abused, abandonded and left in shelters.
  • Laws pertaining to each State for Wolf or Wolfdog ownership. Wolf and Wolfdog rescue facilities shown are only a partial representation of Rescue and Sanctuary options that are available.
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  • The Nation's largest listing of wolfdogs and Northern breeds for adoption on the web. LTWR specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of Wolves and Wolfdogs. Information on behavior issues, containment, nutrition, and holistic rehabilitation available on our website. An on-line store, WOLF THINGS, carries Wolf books, training DVDs, pet supplies, collectables, and calendars. All proceeds go directly to the rescues.
  • Definition of what Wolfdogs are and where Wolfdogs came from. Summary of behaivior traits, diets, containment issues.