Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue 

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Oshota - skin and bones, near death. 
Oshota at her new home in the Reno, NV area. 
Oshota has an unusual story. Bill Chamberlain of U.S. Wolf Refuge in Reno said he received a phone call from a concerned woman telling him about an abandoned dog out in the desert. He brought Oshota to the vet clinic where she barely clung to life. Miraculously she was brought back to health by the caring and loving people at Baring Vet Hospital, undergoing strict rehabilitation, and then at her new home with Jan F. in Reno. We later found out that Oshota had been in the care of USWR and his story was later changed. But it has a good ending ... Oshota is doing great with her new companion Suka at Jan's!
Anana as she looked in prior home at the time of rescue [first pic only]. 
Anana with her new owner, now has lakes and hills to play 
on, and a wonderful wolfboy companion. 
Anana Amarok [beautiful Wolf] was once called Snowball. She was rescued by a caring young woman from a home where she was kept in a small room the first 6 months of her life. The woman couldn't keep Snowball and called Pamela Jo for help. Pamela placed Snowball in a loving Foster Home in Vegas with Barbara K. who took very good care of her. Snowball was extremely shy and hard to catch! She would defecate when approached, and hide in the corner. Pamela searched high and low for a Wolf-experienced home, and found a fabulous couple with an old Wolfboy who needed a companion. Snowball is now Anana, and hikes to lakes with them every day. She just needed a Canine Ambassador who could teach her to trust, and lots of country exercise with a loving pack. She's a happy girl!
Naya - Her story 
Naya was one of nine puppies who went to various homes that were not qualified as Wolf-experienced adopters. Even though Naya looks very Shepherd, she has 25% wolf in her. Six months later Naya came back to the breeder "a basket case." She was skin and bones, had severe diarrhea, and wouldn't go near anyone without snarling and cringing. Pamela took her home and worked with her every day, ignoring her! Yes, no eye contact, no touch, no talk [sounds like Cesar]. Naya attached herself to Pamela, but took a long time to learn to trust strangers and to get back into health. By that time she had bonded strongly with Pamela... so Naya never left. She found a forever home with Pamela and her Wolf friends. She is now 11 years old! Pictured above with Wolfgirl Ellias in the snow; with Pamela; and enjoying Lake Tahoe.
Saku showing hot tar burns at the shelter
    Saku in his beautiful new coat! 
Saku was owned by a homeless man, along with two others,
Sasha and Lakota. The man's van ran over a cliff and he died,
the canines getting thrown out of the vehicle. Neighboring people didn't like the thought of three "wolfdogs" running loose. Someone threw hot tar at them and Saku got the worst of it. Lakota also suffered minor burns. Pamela Jo spent hours with them every day at the shelter getting to know them. Mike L, V.P. of Wolfdog Rescue Resources, drove up from so. CA and picked up the Sierra City 3, and took them to Sanctuary in southern CA where they have recuperated. Sasha and Lakota are still looking for homes. See them in Dogs for Adoption.
Lily on her big pillow Lily and new friend Duke 
This sweet girl was owned by someone who loved her dearly
but couldn't keep her due to health issues. His family didn't want Lily
and took her to the shelter where they were going to euthanize her
due to her being labeled as a "Wolfdog." The older gentleman was sobbing and heartbroken. Luckily Joni and Kim K. rescued her, and now she is in a wonderful new home with her buddy Duke [Reno, NV]
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