Need to Rehome Your Dog?

Policy and Protocol

Some people need to rehome their dogs due to unforseen circumstances. Using a reputable Rescue Group helps to ensure that the new adopter has been properly screened and qualified and a good match is made for both the dog and the adopters. Here is the protocol that Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue uses to find new homes:
The owner of the dog first needs to email us medium-resolution Jpeg photos of the dog they want to rehome. We will need information about the personality and behaviors of the dog, so a Q&A is supplied [below]. We ask for a $20 donation to list your dog and help find him a new family. It's a lot of work and takes much time and expense and often the dog finds a home with another Rescue. This donation can be paid through PayPal [ Donations ]. Our network has a wonderful success rate, but it is not an overnight solution since it takes time to find the best match, so please contact us as much in advance as possible. You can always change your mind and keep your companion, but if you wait too long to list him we may not be able to find a home by your deadline.
For Rescue Groups or Shelters, please let us know how long you can hold the dog, or when their Euthanasia Date is. There is no $20 fee.
If a Potential Adopter contacts us they must fill out our 6-page Adoption Application. We then do extensive phone interviews and a Home Check. If the adopter is qualified and approved, transportation is arranged. We often do Follow-Up visits or receive photos to ensure that the dog is doing well. We try to keep in contact with the new adopter for the life of the dog. If we feel the home is not appropriate or if the new adopter can no longer keep the animal, our Adoption Contract allows us to repossess the dog and/or help rehome him.
If you would like us to help find your dog a new home, please fill out the Q&A below and email it back to us. After we receive your Answers and GOOD Jpeg photos we can begin to help find a good home for your wolfdog. We may be able to help with Fostering as well. Please remember that all efforts should be used to try to keep your dog. Consider going to Dog Classes, giving more exercise, reinforcing your fencing, or hiring a trainer. If your dog is misbehaving, consulting with a wolfdog-experienced or northern-breed trainer can help as well as training books and videos (some found on our website in Shopping Wolf Things). There are hundreds of wolfdogs and northern breeds needing homes. Most sanctuaries are already full and good homes are difficult to find. We hope you will do your best to try to keep your animals.
Please know that wolfdogs are illegal to own in many counties throughout the United States. Some Animal Control shelters will confiscate a dog if it is even thought to be a wolfdog or an owner claims it is, regardless of whether it is in a legal county or not. Labelling [calling] your dog a wolfdog will endanger his or her life. It is always possible that it may be a dog from a breeder who bred domestic dogs to create a "designer" dog that looks and acts like a wolfdog [see Tamaskan Dog, Otonagan Dog, Canadian Inuit, Inuit Dog, British Inuit, Greenland Eskimo Dog, and Native American Indian Dog]. It is better to list your dog as one of these breeds if you are not absolutely sure.
Q & A: Please give as much info as possible about the dog.... 
Location of dog [city/state] - 
Your name please -  
Your phone number -
State if you are a Foster or shelter or owner - 
Name of dog - 
gender -
age - 
approx. weight - 
vaccinations - 
breed - 
good with other big dogs? (state if dominant or submissive) Please give detail -
good with small dogs? Please give detail - 
good with cats? 
walks nicely on leash or pulls? 
good recall off leash? 
well behaved indoors? 
crate trained? 
separation anxiety? can the dog be left home alone? destructive? give detail -
escape artist? if so how? jumps, climbs or digs? 
what height fencing does the dog need?
any training? 
food aggression with people? 
food aggression with other dogs? 
fearful or shy? Please describe -
good health? arthritis? any special medical needs - 
bite record? 
dominant or submissive with humans? 
dominant or submissive with kids? 
does the dog ride well in car? 
past history of abuse or neglect?
what do you currently feed? 
anything else - good and bad - no surprises!  Include all behaviors ...  
Why are you giving up this dog? Please describe in detail ... 
What is your deadline? 
What will happen to the dog if a home isn't found by deadline? 
Are you willing to help with transport? 
How far will you travel? 
Are you working with any other Rescue group?
If yes please note Rescue person or group's name/email
Please keep all Rescue people updated on the current status of your dog if anything changes 

Please attach medium-resolution jpeg photos [not low res and not too big either] showing the dog as close as possible. We need a face shot and SIDE shot STANDING [to see the conformation of dog from nose to tail]. Make sure photos show feet well. Good lighting so we can see coat. The better the photos the more response from potential adopters. Please send a few photos so we have a choice. Make sure they are not blurry or too dark. Please crop and enhance photos before sending! Please - Do not take photos standing looking down on the dog - crouch to their level. 
Again, please seek professional help for all behavior problems. Work with your dog in a patient but firm and consistent manner before putting your pet up for adoption. There is so much competition for good homes. Thank you for reaching out for assistance!
Please help us help the animals ...


When you purchases a Whistle Tracker from our link 

you receive $15 off the purchase price of $80 (and sometimes other specials apply). Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue also gets a small donation each time. I bought one for my boy and I LOVE it. I always know where he is no matter where I am. Wish I had one for my husband! Check it out!