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The following dogs have passed on and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they will
forever be in our hearts and thoughts. 
Goodbye Sweet Denali and Gypsy
Safe Haven Sanctuary, Yerrington, NV - these two beautiful young wolfdogs recently passed away... The male -Denali, and female Gypsy - were rescued from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Washingon a couple of years ago. The unkempt and irresponsible refuge could not care for their 160 dogs so they were dispersed to various Rescues. Some died. All the dogs had all been kept in poor conditions and in tiny pens or crates and not socialized. These two were still extremely shy. They had lived in a tiny kennel together for 3 years, with no access to walks, socialization or the outside in any manner (not even windows). We think they may be related as they look very much alike. The male is the larger of the two. Even though they were extremely shy when they arrived they are venturing out into their yard and playing with the other doggies now. After Denali passed away Gypsy was still extremely "wolfy" and would not come to be petted or leashed but she was happy and ran around her enclosure playing with the other rescued dogs at the sanctuary. These two beauties were very bonded and stuck together like glue but now they are together over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Leland, North Carolina - Elegant Tala was a beautiful girl who needed a home. Her loving owner died in July and sadly she was left with 7 other animals. All have found homes except Tala as she is a very sensitive girl and we were looking for just the right home for her. We just received news that the family who was looking after her losts Tala a few times - she was escaping from their fencing. She was gone 24 hours and they looked everywhere - finally finding her. She evidently got tangled in something and died. This is a perfect example of why it's so important to make sure these animals are secure in their yards and wearing GPS trackers. If the dog can escape -which Tala did frequently - one should not always assume they will be back. There are many ways to secure fencing so that a dog can't get out, and many of these ways are recommended on our webnsite.   
Tao was one of our rescues 9 1/2 years ago, here at Lake Tahoe. He was adopted by one of my close friends, Carla.

He was a privilege. All those sloppy kisses. Watching him run to greet my car. The escape artist, scaring me to death. Always sweet, playful and gentle. He fought so hard. Too much cancer, too soon gone. Animal loving friends understand. Those of us who love dogs, outlive so many. And there is always The One. The One with whom the bond, love and connection is beyond explaination. That is what he was for me. And it was a privilege. Farewell my darling Tao. When I reach the Summerland, I pray you will be there to greet me.

Pamela, thank you again for my beautiful boy.
PTS? Kennel/Rescue in Auburn, CA - Sitka only had 2 weeks [end of Feb] to find a home or she would be euthanized by the kennel owner. She had been at these kennels for 6 months with no progress. She is a very frightened little Husky/mix that was rescued from a hoarding situation. She has had no socialization and is terrified of everything. She sits in the corner and shakes, but will allow our volunteer to pet her. Sitka will need someone that is very experienced with shy and fearful dogs. Her new person will need escape-proof containment or to keep Sitka on leash when outdoors as she will be an escape risk. Some umbilical training will also be good for this pup as keeping her close will help her bond. We believe she is about 4-5 years old, and someone that loves the outdoors can teach little Sitka how to enjoy life outside of a kennel. We recommend a calm environment with no children or cats, but Sitka would love to have a canine companion ...  maybe a nice friendly male who will be her ambassador. We have high hopes for this Husky girl, and pray that someone will open their heart to give her a second chance at a wonderful life. Sitka is not a wolfdog but acts like one in many ways due to her fears. If you are interested in Sitka, please contact Pamela Jo right away at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  We do not have an update on Sitka but think she was euthanized at the kennels.
Died recently - :(  unknown cause - Percy - LETS GET THE OTHERS OUT! 
9-year-old white Husky lived with Cast and Aries and a bunch of other dogs at a hoarder/breeder in Stockton. She weighed about 65 lbs and was best with other large dogs too. She has no food aggression. She was a good dog, affectionate and very sweet. She just needed a chance for a new life with someone who will give her love, safety and a real home. Sadly we lost her before we could help her. 
Possibly euthanized.  Sarasota, FL. 
A beautiful white dog has been impounded by Sarasota County and will be euthanized at the end of this month. They have him labeled as a wolfdog but we see White German Shepherd with maybe some White Malamute. Yellow, amber or gold eyes are common in white northern breeds and many are mistakenly labeled as wolfdogs only to be killed at shelters. If you are able to provide Sanctuary placement for this friendly, social animal, please contact Karen Erskine at Second Wind Foundation: Karen Erskine <behere2bewell@gmail.com>  (941) 713-7361
Second Wind Foundation is involved with the litigation on this dog, 7-year-old male. He is incarcerated in Sarasota county for doing absolutely nothing wrong, over 110 days now in solitary. Solitary confinement is abominable for any animals - severe depression and even death can be a result. His hearing is May 28, and as a backup offer for the county attorney, the case attorney might offer a sanctuary/long-term Rescue facility as an option to euthanasia if they get enough feedback supporting his release. Any help you could give us would be most appreciated! Blessings. Please contact: Karen 941.713.7361 Second Wind Foundation  <behere2bewell@gmail.com>

In memory of Trevor - This beautiful 10-year-old Keeshond/mix was hit by a car on January 2, 2014. His owner had died recently and all the animals at the ranch needed new homes. Trevor was one of LTWR's rescues many years ago and was so happy in his new home on the ranch for five years. He was well taken care of and much loved. He weighed about 70 lbs, neutered, up-to-date on shots, walked nicely  on leash but mostly accustomed to freedom on the fenced-in ranch. Trevor was very well behaved indoors and loved his cats! He lived with 5 horses, 4 cats and an 8 y/o female German Shepherd - all of which have found new homes. Trevor was being cared for in a Foster home and was in his back yard with his female Shepherd companion. We think that some kids set off some left-over fireworks on New Year's day in the afternoon. It panicked Trevor and he frantically tore the boards off the fence and escaped. He was out there in a strange neighborhood for 24 hours. Flyers were put up, calls were made, Rescue sites contacted as well as vets and shelters. He was found lying by the side of the road from a hit and run accident. He died later Friday night at the clinic. He was adored by his original owners as well as his wonderful Foster family. They had fallen in love with his sweet nature and were considering him for a permanent member of their family. We are all heartbroken. This is a reminder to keep your animals safely secured indoors on days when you can expect fireworks. Sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence.
JUNE 23, 2011
Naya, my beloved dog died today at 10:00 am. Many of you have either met her or have heard me speak about her. Naya was my Spirit Shadow and went everywhere with me for the past 14 years. She was gentle and such a sweet girl, yet dominant and a great leader with other dogs. Naya was my ambassador for so many of the rescues I brought home over the years. 
Once an animal reaches “hospice” stage, I try to prepare myself for that dreaded day by pulling together all the pictures and memories of my companion. It's a way I can grieve and deal with the wretched feelings I have right now. There are so many wonderful memories, I can't even begin to put them all in here.

So read or don’t read. I give you these memories as proof of Naya's 
radiance and uniqueness.
   Naya’s very sad Mommy, Pamela Jo

TO NAYA, January 5, 1998 - June 23, 2011

June, 1998 - Naya was brought to me as a six-month-old pup by the man who bred her parents. Her mom was a purebred German Shepherd Dog, and her dad was half German Shepherd, half wolf. That made Naya what we call a low-content wolfdog. She had been bought at 8 weeks old by a man who thought he understood wolfdogs, only to find out that she was much higher maintenance than he had planned on, and he really wasn't prepared for a wolfdog at all. Naya, even as a puppy, was extremely shy and unsociable and had received much of the wolf DNA. She didn't trust humans - at all - and was very fearful. The man fed her cheap kibble, and tried to housetrain her the old fashioned way - with a newspaper and scolding. He didn't understand the body language that is necessary to communicate and create trust. Everything he did scared Naya, so she became anxious and wouldn't eat. She was emaciated, and suffered from severe diarrhea, urinating if you even looked at her. Of course I took her in. She housetrained immediately with love and guidance, craved the real meat and good food I gave her, and became my shadow sticking to me like glue. She still didn't trust other humans and demanded I keep her ... so she stayed.
Naya, you loved to go places with me.  I took you wherever I went - luckily you looked more German Shepherd than wolf. We went to the bank to get cookies and say Hi to everyone; in Trader Joe's you would always want a sample; you walked through the security checkpoint in airports by yourself, impressing
everyone; you enjoyed outdoor restaurants; and loved Honduras at the beach - as long as nobody tried to pet you. Since you were still shy of humans, we made you a Service Dog so we could travel together. That way nobody was allowed to reach out and touch you while you were "working" and that made you very happy! You were so calm, secure and well behaved when we travelled and you got a lot of compliments from admiring people.
Nayapuppy. You howled at the sirens and with your other com-panions. But never out of loneliness. You taught all my rescues and fosters how to behave. You put the big boys and girls in their places and showed them you were the boss (after me of course). You were small at 72 lbs. but that didn't stop you. You calmed my fearful foster dogs and helped them to trust. You welcomed them all, no matter how big or what gender. You helped me find homes for some, and helped me bury some. You were always there.     
             Garrett with Kiska and Naya
Butchie Girl. I never loved you any less for any second of any day. The good girl. The quiet girl. The one who never, never left my side. Always at my feet. Always in my rooms. Always in my car. Always in my heart.
Naya wanting belly rubs

Your friends remember your pushy ways with the big dogs:
You stopped many a fight. I remember the day that two of my big, male rescues - Skye and Wolfie - got into a scrap. You calmly walked over and bit Skye on the back (who was on top of Wolfie). Skye screeched, stopped and looked around in amazement which gave us a moment to pull them apart. You calmly walked away, with nary a backward glance, leaving Julie and I giggling.
Naya - You were light as a feather, pouncing after prey,       Naya with Wolfie - in the woods
keeping your perimeter as we
hiked in the forest. Many a coyote you chased away and you were such a great Bear Dog. You helped me escort so many bears safely back into the forest where they belong. You put up a ferocious act!

Sweetheart, I've told your story, so many times, about how fearful you were of humans, you wouldn't let anyone near you for the first few years. You taught my grandkids to respect wolfdogs, and how to approach - or not approach! You didn't like to swim much, but would wade. Then at about 8 yrs old, you discovered how nice it was to swim, and all I had to say was "want to go to the Lake?" and you would get all excited and jump into the car.
Naya, your good buddy, Skye, was always so happy to see you, as was your other boyfriend Koda. You always loved the boys, big or small. You tolerated the girls, and often liked to be a little pushy, showing them that you were still the queen, but you were not a bully just a strong leader. We enjoyed so many romps at the lake, hikes up the mountain, and a wonderful 3-day backpacking trip with Koda and Kienna. All your best friends were my rescues.
Koda and Naya resting   8-7-2007
We had many memorable hikes with Julie, Skye and Leah at Martis Meadows. You accompanied me on rock-climbing trips, skiing in the back country, and for rides in my boat. Ever smiling, always happy by my side.                             Skye and Naya exploring 6-23-10
April, 2010. Dear Naya: You started stumbling and tripping, and didn't want to go up or down stairs. I already know you have hip dysplasia, but now with new Xrays, I find out you have severe arthritis in your spine. You are 12 years old. We start chiropractic and acupuncture, and you show a remarkable response with the first treatment! You actually trot down to the lake and go for a swim, and look so happy. I am amazed. We continue the treatments with our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Wendy Robinson in Tahoe City, CA, and your progress continues. We go for nice walks in the forest and play in the creeks every day for another year. You are one happy camper! ... and so am I.

I pray we have many more wonderful years together.
June, 2010: Twelve-and-a-half years old. After months of acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments, and me believing you would live forever because you were doing so well, you started showing symptoms of Cushings Syndrome. You overheated, panted a lot, drank lots of water and ran out to urinate frequently. You fatigued quickly and your coat started to fall out and got so dull you looked like a stuffed teddy bear. All in a few days. I rushed you to the vet, and Dr. Wendy started you on an herbal formula that supported your adrenal glands. I guess after all these years of being anxious and fearful of humans (which you never completely got over), your adrenals finally gave in. But Lo and Behold! Once more you responded beautifully and in a week your coat started coming back in, all the symptoms disappeared. I really thought             Naya - May 2011
we had it beat. We resumed our hikes
along the creeks in the snow, your happy face looking up at me, and again, I prayed you would stick around and make at least 15!
Naya Papaya. You are still with me a year later. On the creek in the woods, sitting alongside Jenna, Quincy, and me. Having our daily picnic. Looking beautiful. Smelling the exotic smells. Feeling the air. Watching for squirrels. Telling me of your joy in this moment. When you are happy and feeling good, my heart explodes. I cry happy tears. You lift me. But you are weak. You don't see as good, nor hear all the little sounds .. except of course the words "cookie" or "treat." I know I have little time left with you.
My Babygirl - June 13, 2011. We went for our usual walk, through the woods, along the creek. We sat on the grass for 20 minutes and rested, then resumed our walk. You had a happy, alert look and didn't seem stressed. You greeted all your friends as we passed through the dog park. When we got home you walked in the door and collapsed. Your breathing was labored, your heartbeat fast. I immediately gave you Rescue Remedy and your breathing calmed. You got up and walked out to the deck and went to lie in your comfy bed. A visit to the vet and Xrays showed water in your lungs, and maybe your heart. Lasix helped for a while, but you still had trouble breathing. From that day on you couldn't walk far. I used a towel to help you walk up the ramp into the car. You still wanted to go to the creek, but not for walks. Just a picnic on the grass with your friends
Quincy and Jenna, watching the birds and squirrels. I sit at the creek with you, your chin in my hand. Your ears are back, you are calm but tired. I look into your eyes and see your acceptance.
Your best girlfriend was Quincy Kaya, a thin, emaciated 3-yr-old rescue I pulled from Texas last year and adopted to Jenna. You showed her how to trust, and taught her many things. Although she was twice your size in height, she bowed to you in Submissive Wolf every time you met, squealing like a squeaky toy. She always looked forward to seeing you, which was almost every day for the past 11 months. She still looks for you.  This photo was taken at our favorite picnic site next to the creek, three days before you left me. You had Spirit right up to the end, my darling, still the boss.
June 18 you had two small seizures and had that look on your face like "mommy, what's happening?" We went to the vet the next day. This photo was taken as you waited for Dr. Wendy, but there was not much we could do anymore. You fatigued after a few steps and had to sit down, resting a lot. You stopped eating so I couldn't give you your vitamins and herbal formulas on an empty stomach, and you got weaker and weaker. On the morning of June 23, 2011 you walked into the bedroom and collapsed. I made the decision to help you pass. I couldn't bear you getting worse and suffering. Until now you were mostly weak and unable to do much. I didn't want to wait until you were miserable and crying in pain. You deserved better than that. You deserved to go peacefully, calmly, with dignity ... and with your loved ones around you.
Your best friends, Skye, Leah, Quincy Kaya, Koda, and Lupa all came to say goodbye. You sat gracefully in your car on your blankie, watching them all come up to you for a little sniff and a kiss. Your human friends told you how much they would miss you, and wished you a good journey. You seemed to know this party was for you. You were very brave. My husband, Garrett, was there and so supportive, knowing how much you meant to me. We tried not to cry and make you feel sad. We told you to have happy adventures on the other side of the veil. Dr. Wendy injected the sedative. You looked deeply into my eyes, gave me a little lick on my cheek as if to say Thank You. Then you went into a peaceful slumber, knowing we all loved you.
We buried you in Julie's back yard. Grassy. Aspens. White Lilacs in bloom. Skye and Leah's yard - to keep your memory close.
Three days later, you visited me in a dream. It was short. Seconds. But you were there. That same day Skye sat next to your grave and howled mournfully. We think your Spirit has moved on. But I also hope your Spirit is close by. I am hoping for more visits from you, my beautiful, sweet Naya. I look forward to seeing you again and feeling your presence ... and the love that you were always so generous with.
Goodbye my Nayagirl. May your Spirit find your other friends who have passed before you. You will always be in my mind and heart.
Pamela Jo - Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue
with her babygirl, Naya 
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