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Euthanized One of the six we received - Sophie - was 6 years old, a little shy with strangers. We were told by the owner that Sophie had an injured front left paw in a fence. We noticed that she was not putting any weight on the leg so we had Sophie radiographed at the vet clinic immediately. It turned out she had osteosarcoma in her front leg. There was nothing wrong with her paw. Unfortunately the cancer was pretty progressed so we had to euthanize sweet Sophie. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This photo of Sophie was after her bath and brushing, lying comfortably in her clean kennel on pain meds. At least she had a week of no pain and lots of love and attention. Goodbye sweet Sophie.
Adopted - DAKOTA - Grey and white 10-year-old neutered male, German Shepherd/Husky mix. Dakota is very sweet and in good health. He is very playful and loves his doggie friends - two Rat Terriers. He has lived with a cat as well. Dakota was adopted and went to live with his forever loving new owners, their 2 1/2-year-old baby girl, and their 7-month-old female pup. He was very happy in his new home, big yard, and a fun companion whom he loved to play with. His new owners brushed him daily and took him for walks which he loved. Dakota had been owned by a homeless man who loved him and his other boy, Tawney, very much. But when he lost his job he knew he could no longer provide the best for his two boys. It was a difficult thing to give them up but he knew it was for the best. Dakota lived happily in his new home for a few weeks. One morning he went for his usual walk and was very happy and curious as usual. He came home and went to sleep in his favorite little nest he had dug in the yard. When his owner came out to check on him Dakota had died in his sleep, still curled up peacefully. Dakota was about 14 years old and we are forever grateful that his entire life was a happy one.
Kayla and Kimsey - Auburn Shelter, CA - these two beautiful, young pups were euthanized June 21. They were killed because their owner told the shelter that they were wolfdogs. Since wolfdogs are illegal in California (and many other states and counties), most shelters will not adopt wolfdogs to the general public, no matter how well behaved they are. These two dogs had been escaping their containment and running around the neighborhood. They killed a couple of cats and therefore were labeled "unadoptable." Kayla and Kimsey were both very people friendly and liked other dogs too. This is a typical example of what happens every day at the shelters all over the United States. Even if a dog looks like a wolfdog, it will be the first to get euthanized at shelters along with Pitbulls. If an owner turns in their dog to a shelter and tells the shelter it's a wolfdog, there is often nothing anyone can do to save it's life once it is labelled as wolfdog. After phenotyping by experienced Wolf Rescue Rescue people, we discovered that the owner of Kayla and Kimsey really had bought a Malamute (Kayla) and a Shepherd/Collie/Husky (Kimsey) from an irresponsible breeder who told them they were wolfdogs to get more money. The shelter must abide by it's laws. 
Too late...Put down at shelter... 
Stockton, CA Shelter - pretty, young female German Shepherd Dog may have a little Husky in her as she is creamy colored with white paws. This girl is at the shelter since January 6, 2011 and may not have much time left if not adopted soon. If you are interested in helping this girl get into a good home, please call the Stockton Animal Shelter ASAP.
 ring a long time as they don't always answer.
On February 4, 2011, Lakota started her journey over the Rainbow Bridge. She was 13 years old, in perfect health, and was awaiting her forever home. Unfortunately, she mischievously got into a bag of "non toxic" fertilizer and ingested some. She died by morning. Her female companion also ingested some, but luckily she vomited and survived. Lakota was currently in a foster home that loved her very much. She loved her belly rubs and went on 2-3 mile hikes with them every day. Foster Dad would bring her a warm towel and give her face rubs every evening, which she loved. They are broken hearted to know that this unfortunate accident could have been avoided, but truly believed the fertilizer was non toxic as advertised.
Reno, NV - 7-year-old beautiful Malamute Astro was rescued 6 months ago by a caring woman who took him in. He weighed 175 lbs at the time and his weight should have been in the 80-90 lb. range. Her neighbor moved and left Astro behind. The neighbor had kept Astro in a back yard most of hislife with no exercise and an unending supply of food to prevent boredom [called free feeding]. Unfortunately, this boy basically ate himself to death. His Foster Mom had put him on a diet and he lost 23 lbs. in those six months. He had bloodwork and his thyroid came back just fine. He was in good health and his foster mom is gave him lots of love and attention and good care. One day, Astro went into the back yard to go potty and blew out both his knees and his hip. Because of his weight, he had to be euthanized immediately. He never would have been able to recuperate as his weight would have put too much stress on his remaining limbs, even in a wheelchair. Astro left two beautiful, young children heartbroken. Astro loved the kids. He got along good with her other dogs, was housetrained and well behaved in the house. The cats walked around him and he ignored them. Astro was a real sweetheart and he was well behaved on the leash, and very submissive to even the smallest child. Due to  the inattention and negligence of his past owners who didn't take the time to maintain him properly, give him exercise or a balanced nutrition, sweet Astro lost his life. Please do not allow your pets to become overweight. It can mean life or death, and it is abuse!
Jacy was a sweet little Husky mix rescued out of the Fallon, NV shelter. The first day in her foster home she destroyed their beautiful kitchen because she was afraid of being left alone, and so it was on to another home. This young girl was adopted in March, 2011 with a wonderful family who loved her very much. Jacy, which means Moon, was always a free spirit. She did very well in her new home for a year, and her dedicated young owner, Trevor, spent a lot of hours training her and giving her the exercise and attention she needed. She had a sweet male wolfdog as a companion, and they played every day together, and went on long hikes. Jayce decided to become a licensed escape artist - almost nothing would keep her in. She chewed through crates, jumped off decks, dug tunnels to China, and scaled 6' fences with ease. The owners did everything they could to contain her but hundreds of dollars later, Jayce escaped and was hit by a car. Jacy will always be remembered for her energetic and affectionate spirit, and her desire to always have fun. She will remain treasured in our hearts, and we wish her many happy adventures on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Phoenix, AZ - Barkley has been euthanized. Our Rescue groups had two wonderful homes for this boy, but his owner failed to continue contact and brought him and Tina to the shelter. They killed Barkley right away because he did not pass the Canine Good Citizen test [CGC]. He was a quite handsome Border Collie mix, approximately 30lbs, 1.5 yrs old, rescued from shelter Sept. 09. Barkley was very sweet and loving with owner, but was protective if strangers were around. He just needed a refresher course. He was a very smart dog and would have made a good watch dog. He was a one-person dog.  
Chrissie Sue - When I first met her and her homeless Dad, she was eating pizza crusts. I took her dog food and him ice water. I came back each day with ice water because it was 112 degrees, but one day the police took him away. He is mentally retarded and a very sweet man who loves his Chrissy Sue. When I got her in my car she really loved the air conditioning, but she was very protective of her tree and her leash, and the 7 ft. circumference around the tree. She nipped me several times in the beginning, but now we get down on the floor and hug each other and she is very sweet. She loves the affection. Chrissy  has bad hips, but she gets around pretty good when we go to the park. She can't run very fast, but she loves to walk. She knows how to use the doggy door and go outside to potty, but I think her arthritis bothers her and she has a hard time squeezing in and out the doggy door. Three of my dogs are old also, so I am learning to be a real nursing home aide!   Chrissie Sue was reserved and scared when we first took her in, but now she feels very loved. She enjoys being the only one getting all your love. We correct her when she barks at my dogs for getting too close to me. She nips at the little ones sometimes like they were her puppies so they just ignore her and avoid her.  Chrissy Sue has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was able to have her original owner, the homeless man, come to the Foster Mom's and help her on her way. Thank you to Pam for giving her nine months of love and care. 
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