Lost and Missing Dogs

Please help us find these lost and missing dogs. Keep a look out for them and if you happen to find them or know where they are, please contact the person listed below the listing.


Truckee, CA - 4-year-old Husky/mix, sweet Tambourine has been missing from Truckee since April 4. We think she was seen on April 7 at the Emigrant Trail head on Alder Creek Rd. but there may have been new sightings off Palisades Drive in Sierra Meadows on May 8th. She is a well trained girl but can be shy with strangers. She is 65 lbs, was wearing a Pink collar and had a name tag with owner's number (530) 205-6330. If you see her or have seen her please contact the owner, DO NOT try to catch her, call her or chase her, she will likely bolt. Call owner, Christina, and she will be there immediately. She is loved and missed very much. Take a photo if you can if you think you see her.
We believe she may be in the US Forest Service between Truckee and Jackson Meadows, but she could also be between Truckee and Martis Valley where she lives and escaped from her yard. Tambourine is a beloved pet, and she could be anywhere by now so please keep an eye out and contact the owner. Thank you! We are not giving up on her!
Four-month-old German Shepherd/Husky pup lost in South Lake Tahoe 3-12-19. Still missing 5/19  He does not know his name as owner bought him from backyard breeder who never socialized him. This pup is very fearful and will not come to people. Do not try to catch or follow him, it will only make him more scared and go further. Please call if you see him. Pamela Jo at (775) 741-0304. Last seen near Pioneer and Herbert. 
FOUND OWNER!! San Diego area, CA - This Malamute boy was a stray and may wind up at a shelter if we dont' find a home for him soon. He is a real beauty and quite sweet. Age approx 2-4 years old, intact. He will be neutered before adoption. He was not microchipped or wearing any tags. He is well behaved and seems to stay in 6' fencing. He is very sociable with humans and is in good condition. He rides in the car very well. For more information contact Pamels Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 
ESCAPED! Janesville, Susanville area, CA - Camo is a very beautiful 1-1/2 y/o neutered male that needed a home right away. IF YOU SEE HIS BOY PLEASE CONTACT Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  
He was given as a gift to a young man who does not have adequate fencing to contain him properly. He jumps a 6' fence easily and his landlord wants to shoot him for killing his livestock. And now he has escaped again! Owner only had to hold him two days as we have a good home for him - escape proof! Last seen Thursday May 19 in Janesville. He looks like a coyote from a distance and we are afraid he will be shot - it's a farming/ranching community. If found Camo will be adopted in an area where there is no livestock, and with someone that has escape-proof containment. Someone who is around a lot - i.e. retired, works at home and active - will be great for this young boy. Camo is about 88 lbs. and has vaccinations. He is good with other dogs and likes to play. He walks on leash but pulls a little, and hikes off leash in the woods with decent recall once he learns to trust and obey his handler. Currently he sleeps outdoors in his secure kennel as he chews furniture when left unattended indoors. Although he is housetrained he should not be left home alone for this reason. Sweet Camo knows some commands - Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Roll Over, and Shake. He is good with people and being young gets a little excited and anxious to meet you. He is high energy and needs someone that can give him proper daily exercise, along with some boundaries and training. We are looking for a person that has northern-breed experience. Camo can be protective on leash and will bark at strangers, but once introduced he is fine. He likes to ride in the car but will chew out of wire kennels if contained in a small area. Camo is not shy and likes to meet new people. IF YOU SEE HIS BOY PLEASE CONTACT Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 

    Stolen! Las Vegas - POLO - this beautiful 2-year-old White German Shepherd/Husky mix was placed in a foster home in Vegas with a woman named Christine Guttilla. Ms. Guttilla promised to foster Polo for Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue until we found a good home for him here in the Sierra. We like to place our rescues locally so as to be able to do regular folow up visits and ensure they are happy and safe in their forever homes. Northern breeds also thrive so much better in cooler climates where they can be outdoors playing at the lake and not have to spend their days indoors in air-conditioned homes. Ms. Guttilla was highly recommended by Ms. Anoula Wylderich who also does Rescue in Vegas. During the time Polo was being fostered there was constant communication and assurance that Polo was doing fine. After two weeks in Ms. Guttilla's home we were informed that she gave him away. She will not give us the contact information for Polo so we are not able to follow up on this boy. Polo is neutered and up to date on vacc's. He's very energetic and playful, yet calm with the proper daily exercise. He's well behaved and is sociable with people and other dogs. Not good with cats. If you know of the whereabouts of Polo - maybe still in Vegas - please contact Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 

CONTACT:  DAVE (530) 919-3767  db4reinfo@yahoo.com 
NEED TEMPORARY FOSTER ASAP - person who found this boy cannot bring him home tonight. Need help. Here he is ...

Hi Pamela. Dog is male approx 6-7 yrs, 75 lbs, put my belt around his neck and he walked with me, calm nature and friendly. has mild hip issue. Hasn`t been brushed for a while. Worn teeth. Found on the corner of Cedar Ravine Rd and Marshall Way a block from Marshall hospital. He can hang out with me today at work but I have 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats at home and fencing not adequate. PLEASE HELP ASAP - Dave
STILL ON THE LOOSE! DUMPED White Shepherd/Husky IN EL DORADO COUNTY, CA 2014- this female dog has been dumped in the forest off the Mormon Imigrant Trail. She is starving and is vulnerable to predators, as well as may get hit by a car. She is thin and won't survive the winter as she doesn't understand how to hunt. She has been living on scraps thrown by campers but now that the weather is getting cold there won't be any campers and the road will soon be closed. She has also been seen in the Pollock Pines neighborhoods. If you see this dog DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL THE DOG OR CAPTURE but call Lane at (530) 832-9779 or email her at her office vantageins@wildblue.net  or call Pamela at (775) 833-2066 PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net Again, please do not attempt to catch her as it will scare her deeper into the forest. We have a team of experienced people that will trap her once we establish where she is and have a sanctuary that will take her. Thank you.
Incline Village, NV - LOST! Corduroy - Male, 4 years old, neutered. Light fawn colored with golden eyes and a kink in his tail. May or may not have red/blue collar with tags on. Seen 4/27 on the trails west of Old Mt. Rose Highway and latest on 4/28 at Hidden Beach. Very comfortable in the back country and may not approach people. If spotted, PLEASE contact Tanya at 201-650-2344. Thank you! 


 LOST! Hampshire, Tennessee - Kodi and Chet have been missing since May 14th, 2012. Last seen on Scott Branch Road. 

KODI and CHET – 6 y/o Malamute, Kodi is white, friendly and outgoing. He was been shaved for the summer but should have his full coat back by now. 6 y/o Chet is darker in color with black, brown & white markings, Malamute/Sable Shepherd. He’s very shy with strangers and may run from you. Both neutered males, may still be travelling together, or at a shelter, or someonemay have picked them up. If you see either of these two, please call Chuck (530) 414-5726 ASAP! There are ranchers and livestock in the area and we do not want these two babies getting shot! Thank you.

FOUND!!!! YEAH!!! Last seen SUN VALLEY, SPARKS, NV - Timba is a very sweet, 3 y/o neutered male German Shepherd/Husky and very, very thin. He was starving to death when rescued, and after one week in a foster home he managed to find a way out, opening the garage door by himself. Timba is very shy and may run the other way if not approached gently. He loves raw beef and may come to you if you offer him some. He was dragging a leash but that may have been chewed off by now. Timba is wearing a bright orange collar with RESCUE DOG on it. He is also microchipped. If you see Timba please call these numbers immediately. Pamela's cell (775) 741-0304; LTWR office (775) 833-2066; Julie (530) 386-1364; Kris (775) 790-1626. PLEASE HELP US FIND THIS SWEET BOY BEFORE HE DIES OUT THERE. He was last seen in the area between E. 1st Avenue and E. 5th Avenue, near Alexander, Honeybear, and Leon (east of Sun Valley Drive). If you would like a flyer to put up, please contact Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady@yahoo.com 
LOST OR STOLEN! Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA - 5/5/11 PLEASE keep an eye out for Pepper.  She was in the yard with 5 other dogs when she disappeared. Pepper is approx. 35-40 lbs, medium size grey and white Terrier. She is VERY sweet with people and dogs. Last seen: Sun Valley, cross streets San Fernando and Tuxford. She was wearing a blue collar and tags, and she is microchipped. It is nearly improbable Pepper escaped the yard, there are two fences surrounding the yard. Because Pepper is so sweet, we believe perhaps she was taken from the yard. PLEASE keep your eyes out for her and contact Sheila at MuttMatchLA@aol.com  or Alanna at 530-263-7248. 


LOST! Grass Valley, CA Shelter - Sweet and shy, Emily is a very pretty cream-colored German Shepherd/Husky. She is about 2 yrs old, very submissive with other dogs and people. She got loose near the shelter, so please contact the shelter if you see her or call Ruth Rasmussen at (530) 471-5017 or email her at Ruth@sammiesfriends.org  

Emily is very shy, so if you see her, please offer treats and allow her to come to you. Do not chase. Call Ruth immediately. She is UTD on vaccinations and has been spayed. She is great with both large dogs and puppies, and so far shows no interest in the shelter cats. That could change as often shelter stress makes them more submissive. Emily walks nicely on leash and does not pull. She will need housetraining, and escape-proof fencing. Dog classes are recommended to help Emily feel more comfortable with her new family, as she is very submissive with everyone she meets. She may urinate or defecate in new situations or when meeting new people if they approach her too directly. She is good once in the car when going for rides, but does need help getting into the "scary" car until she gets used to it. If we find her, Emily will need a special person who has lots of time helping this shy girl become more social and self confident. Someone who works at home would be ideal. Very secure containment is required as she will most likely try to escape. A Foster Home will be appreciated to help rehabilitate this sweet girl. Please contact Pamela Jo at   (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady@yahoo.com Transportation help available. 


Lost! Alturas, CA (near Los Alamos, California) - Keisha is a very beautiful female, about 5 1/2 years old. She is very sweet natured, gets along with other dogs, cats, is house trained, current on shots, and spayed. This pretty girl was owned by someone who moved and abandoned her. She was being fostered but but got away. Keisha keeps running back to her old home across the valley, sitting in her old driveway, waiting for her family. It is very sad, and Keisha needs a new home where they can lavish love and attention on this sweet girl so she will not keep looking for her previous owners. Keisha walks calmly and does not pull. Her foster mom has hip problems and Keisha seems to understand to be gentle. She is not real good with some livestock, has a good sense of humor and likes to chase the donkeys! Time is of the essence as Animal Control wants to pick her up. Please contact Kim at wolfangelrescue@ykwc.net    





LOST! - Lima, Ohio area, Nov. 17, 2009. Sweet Akai. We are still looking for this boy. His owners are heartbroken and miss him very much. He is neutered and microchipped, Microchip # 4935051051 - He weighed 111.5 in Aug, 2009, and is 2 years old. He has been missing since Nov. 17, so we don't know where he could be how far he may have gone, who may have taken him ...?  His coat changes with seasonal shedding. He was last seen on Roberts Road, in Lima, Ohio. Akai had a blue nylon choker collar but it is hard to say if that is still on him. He is timid. He may not come to a stranger, but once he trusts you, he is very friendly.  

Please contact Teresa or Dan at 888-466-3242 or 419 221-0591. Their email is  danter2n1@centurylink.net or tsisqua@centurylink.net


Lost Near Yosemite National Park


LOST, Koni - Coursegold, CA, Nov. 2, 2010 - An urgent plea has been issued for a beautiful, young Belgian Malinois that was lost near Yosemite National Park. Koni, a 2 yr-old Belgian Malinios, was adopted by a couple living in Coursegold, CA. Koni got frightened and slipped her collar. Now her owner, and the rescue that adopted her out, is reaching out to the public for help. If this beautiful dog is found, please contact Teri at teri22ns@att.net, or by cell: 310-702-2389. Alternately, Stephanie can be reached at 406-239-5133.

Koni is shy, but she warms up quickly. She is microchipped with a 24-hr Petwatch chip #OA12017176. The chip, when scanned, will register back to Stephanie Shelton, Montana German Shepherd Rescue.

Koni will not have a collar on. Koni is tan, with a dark face and upright ears. She weighs approximately 45 lbs. Her photos are included with this article. Koni is NOT aggressive.

Please phone or email Teri if Koni is spotted, but can not be caught. Please report all potential leads. In the meantime, please cross-post this article far and wide. A domesticated dog left alone in the wild does not have good odds of surviving for long on her own. Please cross-post, Tweet, email, and post to Craigslist.



Kira, Apollo & Kira  meeting 1st time Urgent - STOLEN! - this pretty Low-content 2-yr-old, spayed Husky/Wolfgirl was adopted by her owner to a loving couple, only to be stolen 2 days later right out of her backyard, Easter weekend. They even took her bowls! She was in Las Vegas, NV, stolen from the area of Jones Blvd. and Twain Road, near Spring Mountain Road. She is not good with small dogs. Kira is extremely thin and is very fearful. She can vomit or loose her bowels if intimidated. She is a very special needs animal and this is a terrible situation. If you have any information on this animal, please contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady@yahoo.com  There is a reward