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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings, so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Check all pages to see all dogs. Note: New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages as they change frequently!

If you are interested in any of our rescues [Pamela Jo], please fill out an Adoption Application and fax or mail back. All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for fostering.

Please help us find missing animals on our
Lost Dogs page.

Please help! Donations Needed Desperately!! 
Your donations are what keep us saving lives... donations pay for spay/neutering, medical costs, food, transportation, fees to pull dogs from the shelter, etc... please click and help us out
Very Urgent - Still at the shelter! - Montana - This gorgeous 6-year-old Shepherd mix, Jacob cannot be adopted where there are small animals or kids - his last home had a small child who tried to take his chew toy out of his mouth and got nipped. The child wasn't supervised as all children should be when around animals, and the bite wasn't serious, but poor Jacob wound up at the shelter and may be euthanized if we don't get him out soon. He's getting depressed and so sad that he lost his home. The shelter will only release him to a certified Rescue. Please help us get him out. Jacob is sweet and playful and gorgeous and will make a wonderful companion for some active adults. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Jacob, please contact Kim as soon as possible. The shelter won't hold him forever. Kim Kahl kimkahl@dukewarner.com> 

Very Urgent! Aries needs your help!
Vacaville, CA - Aries is a beautiful 5-month-old Husky/Shepherd mix who is up to date on vaccinations. She will need to be spayed, micro-chipped, and undergo surgery for an injured rear leg, prior to adoption. We are working to raise the funds for her surgery as she needs leg surgery as soon as possible. Spaying can wait for now.
She had been raised with small dogs and is friendly and playful with other dogs. She rides well in the car and is friendly with people. Aries has no experience with young children, so we would like to place her in a home that is calm where she can recuperate. Her general disposition is energetic and playful. Once her leg is healed she will likely enjoy an active lifestyle as most other Nordic breeds. 
She will, however, need an adopter who understands confidence building and the large amount of work that puppies require (house-training, leash-training, and puppy destruction) as Aries is a bit shy and unsure.
If you are an experienced dog owner, understand northern breeds, and feel this beautiful girl might be a nice addition to your family, please contact our Rescue Coordinator, Robin, at calmcompanions@hotmail.com or Jennifer at Jennifer@damemedia.com  Time is of the essence as we want to get her procedure done and on the road to playtime! Please send any donations to our PayPal if you want to help Aries get her surgery. Just click on this link: Donations 
URGENT! Las Vegas, NV -  Legend cannot be kept by his owner any more so he only has about 3 weeks before he winds up at the shelter. Legend is a Malamute/Husky mix and maybe some  Border Collie with thosebeautiful markings. He's 4 1/2 years old, neutered, vaccinations, and weighs about 90 lbs. Legend is not very trustful of other dogs or men, and seems to be partial to female owners that are calm and assertive. He needs someone that has experiences with northern breeds and will take the time to give him some training and daily exercise. He's not very social with other dogs so will need training and socialization in this area. He's not good with cats or small dogs although he does live with a Chihuahua (we will not adopt to those with small animals). Legend also needs some leash training as he does pull, but good daily exercise and an experienced handler can fix this easily. He is not a jumper or climber, but does need at least 6 or 7' fencing. He has no food aggression with people but is protective with other dogs. Legend likes to ride in the car. He is a big family/pack dog and loves to cuddle and just hang with you. He would be best in a home that is calm and disciplined, with no kids, nor lots of activity or visitors. His owner does not know how to handle his dominance and will bring him to the pound if we do not find a suitable home for Legend. Please help this dog. If you are interested in Legend, please contact ouor Animal Coordinator, Robin at CalmCompanions@hotmail.com
Urgent! Lancaster CA Meet Minion and Koda - looking for new homes. Their owner loves them very much and have had them most of their lives, and due to a divorce and moving, sadly they need to be placed into new homes.
Two year old Minion and his brother 1.5 year Koda are looking for a new family. They are both neutered, UTD on their vaccinations. Due to circumstances beyond their control their current family can no longer keep them, but these boys have been well loved since puppyhood. Both boys are loving and sweet, and while preferable that they go to the same home, they can be adopted separately.  These are wonderful, happy indoor/outdoor boys, who are open and social. They are rough players and love to romp and chase so a nice yard and daily exercise would be great for them. They will make a great addition to the right family. Both dogs are fed a raw diet with supplements.

About Minion:   He is a big boy at 130 lbs, he’s good with all types of dogs, he’s well behaved in the home and is fully housetrained. But is not cat friendly, and has a high prey drive so he will pull on leash if he sees a rabbit or cat. He is friendly with children and adults, more on the submissive side and rides well in the car. Minion is not crate trained. While proper fencing and containment is required, Minion is not an escape artist, but does enjoy digging. In a new home it's always best to supervise them for a while to make sure they are secure.

About Koda:  He's absolutely gorgeous!1 ½ year old Koda is good with all dogs, large and small. He is very social and has enjoyed going to the dog park. He will pull slightly on leash, but responds well to a gentle leader. Koda is well behaved in the house, housetrained and is not an escape artist, but does enjoy digging too. Typical of the breed, Koda is stubborn but food motivated and will work for food. He has no food aggression. He has some slight resource guarding with his toys at the dog park, but not at home. Koda loves car rides. He is submissive to adults and children. Koda is fun loving and very smart, and like any smart puppy will take advantage if given the opportunity so a strong leader will be best with Koda. Koda is sweet and kind and once he gets to know you will hike with you off leash. If you are interested in one or both of these pups, please contact Jennnifer at jenniferreitman@gmail.com for more information and an Adoption Application.

Urgent!  Sweet Home, Oregon - needs placement very soon. Currently in foster and doing very well  but foster can't keep her much longer... Peanut is a 45 lb, spayed little girl of 10 yrs. Peanut appears to be a husky mix. She is part of a larger group of dogs whose owner lost their property recently. We are hoping that someone with a kind heart for older dogs will come forward as most people want young pups, and the sweet older ones have difficulty finding homes even though they are very adoptable! Peanut is a gregarious little girl and with someone who will be patient and kind, she will open up to them. Peanut would do best having a nice male companion ... her best friend was adopted and she was heartbroken so we really want her to have a sweet boyfriend. Peanut is in great condition and has no medical issues. She will not be placed where there are small children, cats or small doggies. Please contact Kim at kimkahl@dukewarner.com or call 541-382-0065 for more info and an adoption application.
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