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  Dogs For Adoption 2019

 Some of these rescues [below] are courtesy listings so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages! All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age and/or own your home for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for temporary fostering.

Please Please help! Donations Needed Desperately!! 
Your donations are what keep us saving lives ... donations pay for spay/neutering, medical costs, food, transportation, fees to pull dogs from shelters, etc... please click and help us out

             Do You Know Where Your Dog is?                 When you purchase a GPS Whistle Tracker from our link  http://ltwr.whistleshelters.com/ you receive $15-25 off the purchase price depending on your choices!  Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue also gets a nice little donation. Use coupon code SHELTERLOVE when Checking Out. I bought one for my dog and I LOVE it. I always know where he is no matter where I am on the globe as long as I have cell service or computer internet service. Get one for all your dogs! Wish I had one for my husband!

  We have started a GO FUND ME to help raise money for the high vet costs lately. So many rescues, not enough homes. And we like to make sure they are spayed/neutered before adoption, plus take care of all their needs. Please help if you can. Every penny counts. Even a $10 or $20 donation adds up! Here it is ...  
SUPER URGENT - SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!  Grass Valley, CA - This beautiful Husky/mix girl, Talla, is only 7 years old, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She weighs about 65 lbs and only has a this weekend before her owner will bring to shelter. That means she has to be out now. Talla is a typical female who likes to be the boss with other dogs so would be great in a home as an only dog. Talla walks very well on leash but can be reactive when meeting other dogs. She would need training in this area to help her understand that other dogs won't hurt her or her owner. Talla just needs an experienced handler and some doggie classes. She's very good indoors, housetrained, no food aggression with people but a bit protective if another dog tries to eat her food. She won't go after another dog's food though. Talla can Shake, Sit, Heel and is very smart. She's a little scared of meeting new people but is fine once she gets to know you. Best with a good woman handler or a calm, patient man. Talla is in great health and loves to ride in the car. Owner has 3 dogs and has to move, and can no longer take care of Talla the way she should be. Sweet and beautiful Talla would love a kind owner that can get her out for nice hikes, daily exercise every day and some one-on-one training. She has a lot of potential and learns quickly.
Time is of the essence!  PLEASE HELP TALLA NOW!
For an application or more information please contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Super Urgent!  Reno, NV - Gorgeous Spirit is 8-1/2 years old, spayed, weighs about 60 lbs, and needs a good home ASAP. She's young enough to run and hike and have fun with you, but at the age where she is calm and likes to hang out with you at home as well. Medium maintenance dog Spirit loves to hike. Spirit is up to date on vaccinations. She is good with other male dogs, but pushy with females. She may just need some socialization and training to overcome this, but we will not place her in a home with other female canines. She is currently living with a Chihuahua named Snoopy and an 11 y/o cat and tolerates them both, but we prefer a home without small dogs, cats or children. Spirit would need some leash training a she pulls a bit so an experienced handler would be great for her to learn new tricks. She is housetrained, and kennel trained for short periods of time. She has not been left home alone unsupervised as she likes to chew so she is left in her kennel now. Spirit has been with her owner since birth and may take a little time acclimating to a new home, so a calm environment with lots of love and exercise would be best. Spirit is submissive with humans and is more shy than anything with strangers and may bolt if she gets loose. Children that move quickly and are loud cause her to stay away but she is not nippy. Spirit loves to ride in the car and go places with you. Spirit is a very sweet girl and is currently living in an  RV camper with her Mom as they travel around so Spirit is not getting out for hikes much. Her owner is looking for a home and a job and having the two females in the RV is not working. She alternates them from kennel to walks. She may drop one of them off at a shelter though which we are trying to prevent. They are traveling to Reno and will continue on north after that, so we want to get at least one of these girls into a good home and off the road! Spirit would love to have a home where she can run and play and hike the mountains and swim in a lake. She is very affectionate and likes to be petted and brushed and to play in water. Owner is overwhelmed with the three dogs in a camper. Please help us find a good home for this sweet girl. Contact Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net for more information.
Super Urgent! Los Banos, CA - Sarah is living in the same RV with Spirit [listing above] but the two females do not get along so they have to be kept separated. Owner has to give them both up but may drop one off at a shelter as it is getting too stressful for he with 3 dogs in a small camper RV. Sarah is also a beautygirl at 8.5 years old, spayed, and much better with male dogs. She lives with a Chihuahua and plays gently with him [see photo above]. He licks her face! Sarah pulls a little on leash so need some extra training with this. She is well behaved indoors. She is a chewer and likes to dig so is never left alone indoors unsupervised. She is a climber so 6' fencing with lean ins, or 7' fencing is needed. Sarah is very shy of strangers and strange places and will bolt if she gets loose, so escape risk until she bonds with her new owner. She has a little training with gentle leader and loves to ride in the car and go places with you. Sarah would do best with a home that has a nice male canine companion to keep her company, or as an only dog. She loves playing in her kiddie pool. For more information on Sarah please contact Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  THIS IS VERY URGENT - PLEASE HELP US HELP SARAH!
Very Urgent - Time running out Carlotta, CA (near Eureka) - Ashier - pronounced Ah-sheer - is a pretty 3-y/o neutered White German Shepherd/White Husky male. His owner obtained Ashier at 4 months old but now can no longer keep him - property is being sold and she has to move by end of May.
 Ashier weighs about 85 lbs, and is up to date on vaccinations. Ashier has one blue eye and one gold eye. Ashier knows how to walk on leash, is very well behaved and has good recall. He is a good boy indoors and gives cues [paces] when he wants to go out and relieve himself. He plays rough with her mid-sized Rough Collie [pardon the pun] so Ashier would be great with anonther canine friend as long is it is big and can take the rough play, or as an only dog where he can get some one-on-one attention, training and daily exercise. Escape-proof containment [6' with lean ins] and dig guard would be best for this boy. He currently does ok when left in a large 10' x 35' kennel outdoors and other dogs nearby as the kennel is his safe "den." It's what he was used to at the breeder's. Ashier was raised with a pony and the Rough Collie. Ashier is a bit shy with strangers [especially men] but he has been fine with men that allow him to approach them, and then get to know him slowly. We would like to keep Ashier in a calm adult environment, preferably with women, and lots of daily exercise for this pup. Ashier rides great in the car and has no health issues. Wolfdog experience a plus but Ashier is not a wolfdog. Please contact Pamela Jo for an Application and to set up a Home Visit. PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 
EXTREMELY Urgent - Stockton, CA - We need homes for these 3 dogs. They are currently at backyard breeder who cannot care for them anymore and they may wind up at the shelter ... 
Ratatui is in need of a new home but we were able to get her into  
one of our foster homes recently. She looks sad here [above] when we first obtained her, but doing very nicely now in her Foster home [below]. She is 4 years young and was spayed recently. Ratatui weighs in at 85 lbs and is a pretty GSD/Malamute mix. Her right ear had been torn badly and was infected but it has been attended to and healing well now. We think it occurred when owner separated dogs with a shovel as they were all in competition with food. She is very comfortable with new dogs at the foster home now and loves her 2 Huskies. It would be great to place her in a home with a nice male about her size. She has been living outdoors in a pen all her life at the breeder's property and had no training but Ratatui is learning fast and is very sweet, especially with women. She has no food aggression or special needs. Tui will bea  beautiful young girl once she is in a cooler climate and her coat grows in. Although she was brought up with and loves children we prefer homes with no little dogs or toddlers [visiting kids she woud love]. A calm environment, lots of attention and some training would be best for all these dogs. Ratatui - for the first time in her life - has experienced water and love spalshing away! She is very loving and just needs a chance at a real life outside a backyard in the mud. She is currently living in a horse stall at her Foster Home and getting walked and loved on every morning and evenng, but Tui needs a REAL home! There are 3 more dogs at this breeder's [below] that need homes right away as owner has sold his home and all dogs must be out NOW. Transportation help is available. The sooner we can get Ratatui into her own home the quicker we can take more dogs from this hoarder/breeder. Contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net  Time is of the essence! 
  Urgent - Stockton, CA - Husky/Mix Marshall is the dirty pup above who was currently blowing his coat. He is only 3 years old, weighs about 70 lbs and is good with other dogs both male and female although a bit dominant. He pushes the other pup, Flash, around but doesn't harm him. We think it's because they are all bored living in one yard their entire lives with no hikes or playtime outside the yard. Marshall would be best in a home with a nice large female to play with. He is still living at the breeder's and needs to find a good home. Breeder can no longer care for his dogs and they have had no vaccinations, neutering or spaying but all are in good health. Marshall is very sweet and affectionate, especially with women and has a little training but he is shy with men. Good with kids! These dogs like a calm environment with daily exercise. They just need a chance at a real life outside a backyard in the mud. They will need some housetraining as well or can be outdoor dogs with proper housing. We are trying to get these other two into foster homes as owner has sold his home and they all have to be OUT NOW.
   Urgent - Here is Flash. He is only 1 year old and looks to be mostly Husky/White GSD and is very sweet albeit a little shy. He's the cleanest of them all! Let's get these pups out of this environment and into homes! Please visit our GO FUND ME or click on the link Donations 
 Transportation help is available. Contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net 
 All these dogs are beautiful once cleaned and groomed! Please give them a chance!
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