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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings, so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Check all pages to see all dogs. Note: New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages as they change frequently!

If you are interested in any of our rescues please fill out an Adoption Application and scan and email to Jennifer at jenniferreitman@gmail.com . All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for temporary fostering.

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 Very Urgent! Southern Oregon - Juneau is a wonderful and very beautiful 7-yr-old Husky who lives with pugs and kitties. He is house trained, leash trained, rides in the car well ... is just an all around sweet boy.  He loves girl dogs but is very selective about males he likes so he is best placed with a nice female companion. Juneau does chase outside kitties so if he is placed with kitties they must be only indoor kitties. Juneau's situation is very urgent. His mom lost her hubby recently and lost her home as well. She is in temporary housing living at a friends home until she gets her life back together. Her friend has 4 outside kitties and the situation has become extremely urgent for her to find a home for Juneau. He is not an escape artist but will require a fenced yard with 6' fencing. Please contact Kim at kimkahl@dukewarner.com for an Adoption Application - or call Kim 541-382-0065. Time is of the essence and we don't want sweet Juneau to wind up at the shelter.

So. California - Whitman. Whitman is a beautiful boy, estimated to be under 2 years old. He is UTD on vaccinations and neutered. He is very underweight right now, weighing only 45 lbs. [should weigh about 82-86 lbs.] Since Whitman was just recently pulled from a Los Angeles shelter, we’re still getting to know him, but we will update as we get to know him better. He is shy of new people and situations, but once he warms up he’s a kissy face boy, happy for petting and affection and treats and will stick to you like glue. He is slightly afraid of men, and likely needs a slow introduction to men. He is housetrained and does well in the car and on a leash (but can be skittish, so secure martingale collar/harness is a must). He does not appear to have any food aggression. While at the shelter, he was tested with a large German Shepherd who jumped all over him, and he had no reaction. He also did not spark to any of the dogs he was walked past, including smaller dogs that were running in an enclosure. Whitman does seem to have a VERY strong prey drive, as he was more than a little interested in the bunnies at the shelter when walked up to them. So no cats or small critters (including tiny dogs) please. We suspect he would be happy in a home with a female canine companion, and possibly even a gentle male. Application and home check will apply. We are looking for an experienced committed long-term foster or forever home. Whitman can only be fostered in Calfornia and placed in the following states: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona or Nevada – with preference to California adopters. For an application or more information please contact Jennifer Reitman at jenniferreitman@gmail.com as soon as possible. Thank you!

STILL NEEDS HOME! - Everette, WA - Max is a gorgeous Husky/Malamute mix who will be 2 years old in February and is currently in jail where his new owners just dumped him because he killed a kitty. This is why we do not adopt northern breeds into homes with cats, small dogs or other small animals. They can be amazing companions for the right person who is active outdoors and around a lot to give them the care and training they all need. He was originally surrendered into Rescue because he is a bit of an escape artist and his owners were not able to keep him contained on their property. During one of his escapades he got injured and is now almost blind in one eye. This does not seem to bother him at all, and he is still very handsome. Only when you look close can you see a bit of cloudiness in his eye.
Max is a little shy at first, but becomes a very sweet playful boy with a lot of Husky-energy once he gets to know you. He needs a house with a big yard and secure 6-7 foot fencing. Max is very good with other dogs and would do best with a buddy. He has been living with cats in his foster home and has shown no interest in them until this recent incident, so now will not be adopted into a home with cats. He had made fast friends with his doggie-housemates but now in a shelter is in danger of being killed. Max would do best with a woman, since he is frightened of men. He is very smart and sensitive, so he could probably learn to get along with a man who is calm and very patient, but it will take time. Due to his fear of men, he would not be good in dog parks. Max is looking for a home where he can feel safe and loved. As long as he gets enough exercise and feels no need to escape, he will be a wonderful and fun family member. 
Max has not been exposed to small children during his time in foster.
Max is neutered and all his shots are up-to-date. Please contact Kim for an Adoption Application at KimKahl@dukewarner.com    Transportation help is available. 
Urgent - Montana - This gorgeous 6-year-old Shepherd mix, Jacob cannot be adopted where there are small animals or kids - his last home had a small child who tried to take his chew toy out of his mouth and got nipped. The child wasn't supervised as all children should be when around animals, and the bite wasn't serious, but poor Jacob wound up at the shelter and may be euthanized if we don't get him out soon. He's getting depressed and so sad that he lost his home. The shelter will only release him to a certified Rescue. Please help us get him out. Jacob is sweet and playful and gorgeous and will make a wonderful companion for some active adults. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Jacob, please contact Kim as soon as possible. The shelter won't hold him forever. Kim Kahl kimkahl@dukewarner.com> 

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