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  Dogs For Adoption

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings, so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Check all pages to see all dogs. Note: New postings are not always on first page, so please take a look at all the pages as they change frequently!

If you are interested in any of our rescues [Pamela Jo], please fill out an Adoption Application and fax or mail back. All references will be checked and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for fostering.

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In memory of Trevor - This beautiful 10-year-old Keeshond/mix was hit by a car on January 2, 2014. His owner had died recently and all the animals at the ranch needed new homes. Trevor was one of LTWR's rescues many years ago and was so happy in his new home on the ranch for five years. He was well taken care of and much loved. He weighed about 70 lbs, neutered, up-to-date on shots, walked nicely  on leash but mostly accustomed to freedom on the fenced-in ranch. Trevor was very well behaved indoors and loved his cats! He lived with 5 horses, 4 cats and an 8 y/o female German Shepherd - all of which have found new homes. Trevor was being cared for in a Foster home and was in his back yard with his female Shepherd companion. We think that some kids set off some left-over fireworks on New Year's day in the afternoon. It panicked Trevor and he frantically tore the boards off the fence and escaped. He was out there in a strange neighborhood for 24 hours. Flyers were put up, calls were made, Rescue sites contacted as well as vets and shelters. He was found lying by the side of the road from a hit and run accident. He died later Friday night at the clinic. He was adored by his original owners as well as his wonderful Foster family. They had fallen in love with his sweet nature and were considering him for a permanent member of their family. We are all heartbroken. This is a reminder to keep your animals safely secured indoors on days when you can expect fireworks. Sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence.
Urgent - Dinsmore, CA - This pretty White German Shepherd/mix female is about 10 years old. Her owner died and she has been living on the property with neighbors feeding her for almost a year now. She will be spayed before adoption. She is dominant and fearful of new dogs and people and will need some socializing and training. She has roamed free on a 40-acre parcel and stays close to home but will need escape-proof fencing at her new home. We would really like to see her have a home of her own with attention, love and daily exercise. Please contact Rescue Coordinator Susan for more information:  Weidel@uwyo.edu
Mulberry, Kansas - Rowdy is a pretty Husky boy that needs a new home. His owner is ill and cannot care for Rowdy anymore. We do not want him to wind up at a shelter, so time is of the essence. He's a pretty big boy, most likely overweight at 112 lbs, and he may have some Malamute in him as well. He seems to do well with other dogs and even cats. He's lived outside in a pen his whole life and digs a little because he wants to get out to play and interact. He requires 6' fencing and has not attempted to escape by climbing or jumping. In a new home all dogs should be supervised as much as possible as they will be frightened in a new home initially. The more the dog can get out to play and exercise the better! His age is unknown but he seems to be in good health. All vet records available. Please contact Adrienne if you are interested in this pretty boy at AdrienneBolt@aol.com
Urgent - Sacramento, CA - Purebred Akita Needs home soon. This gorgeous, long-haired, multi-colored female Akita is named Ember. She is young and has been spayed. She is good with most dogs with calm and proper introduction. She has been living with a very dominant GSD that keeps attacking her and she may wind up at a shelter if we don't find a home for her - foster or permanent. Ember walks nicely on leash, is housetrained and well behaved indoors. Ember will still need some training as she is a bit frightened and shy with new dogs since she has been attacked so many times but she is getting better each time. She is also a little nippy if you are quick to reach out to her and don't give her time to meet and greet you. A little time and patience will teach Ember to relax and have fun with other canines. It would be best if we could find a home with a calm and playful male companion for Ember, and with someone who is around a lot to spend time with her. We require a secure fenced yard for all our rescues and she would probably be fine with 5-6' fencing. Time is critical! Please contact Presley at 530-391-8427 or email her at ttldogtraining@gmail.com
  Note: This is a courtesy listing, Ember is not a wolfdog.
Clayton, CA (Contra Costa County, 50 miles from San Francisco) - Here is Nikki - a gorgeous 8-year-old Malamute/German Shepherd boy that needs a good home. Nikki is about 90 lbs and is neutered. He has not had much exposure to other dogs and strangers but is great with cats. Nikki is housetrained and not destructive when left alone. He does not dig or climb or try to escape and is very secure. Presently with owner, he is free roaming on their unfenced property, but we require 7' fencing for all our rescues for those times you need to leave them home alone. Nikki has some basic training, knows Sit, Come, Outside, etc. He is a bit of a counter surfer and does not like his bones taken away, but that can be addressed with proper training. Nikki is generally submissive with other dogs and people and has a sweet disposition. He likes to sit on chairs like a person; likes pack interaction with both people and dogs; likes to sleep on furniture but content to sleep in his bed and also outdoors. Nikki is very smart and can open doors, howls at the sound of ringing phone, enjoys hiking and treats, and although he likes children is better suited to a calm environment without kids. This boy has a great personality and is very bonded wit his family. He will need time to adjust to a new home. Owner left the country for work and Nikki needs a new home. Nikki will need a handler that is experienced with Malamutes and can start socializing him right away. Nikki is currently working with a personalized trainer so we are hoping that new adopters will continue with this. Please know that all recues take a while to acclimate. Often they do get depressed losing their families (especially when they were there from young pups), but with lots of attention and daily exercise, as well as a solid connection to let the dog know he is in good hands, they do adjust to make wonderful companions. Please allow a few weeks for this transition to take place with any dog you adopt, and the bonding process will begin! We do not want any of our rescues bouncing from home to home. We need someone committed and that has lots of time to spend with Nikki helping him to learn to trust the new people in his life. Transportation help available. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in this beautyboy at   PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net   
Urgent! Sacramento, CA - This pretty 8 year-old Great Pyrenees named Isabella is a love! We have personally known Isabella for many years. Her owner is relocating, and the new living arrangements include two small dogs, so she needs a new home. Isabella is NOT good with small dogs. She is good with other big dogs and all sizes of humans.
Just not cats and small dogs. She takes a long walk every day with her owner and likes to hang out in the yard alot. An adoption application and a Home Visit is required for all our adoptions. Please contact Jeanne if you are interested in this sweet girl. jeanne99don@gmail.com  Note: this is a courtesy listing. Isabella is not a wolfdog!
VERY URGENT! DUMPED White Shepherd/Husky IN EL DORADO COUNTY, CA - this female dog has been dumped in the forest off the Mormon Imigrant Trail. She looks quite different now as she has her winter coat and people think she is a golden coyote! [She probably looks more like Sadie below.] She is vulnerable to predators, as well as may get hit by a car. She is thin and may not survive the winter as she doesn't understand how to hunt. She has been living on scraps and whatever she can find. She has also been seen in the Pollock Pines neighborhoods. If you see this dog DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL THE DOG OR CAPTURE but call Lane at (530) 832-9779 or email her at his office vantageins@wildblue.net  or Pamela at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net Again, please do not attempt to catch her as it will scare her deeper into the forest. We have a team of experienced people that will trap her once we establish where she is and have a sanctuary that will take her. Thank you.
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