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URGENT! Please call us if you see her ... We are not giving up on her! DUMPED White Shepherd/Husky IN EL DORADO COUNTY, CA - this female dog was dumped in the forest off the Mormon Imigrant Trail. She looks quite different now as she has her winter coat and people may think she is a coyote! [She probably looks more like Sadie below.] She is vulnerable to predators, as well as may get hit by a car or die of malnutrition or illness. She is thin and may not survive as she doesn't understand how to hunt. She has been living on scraps and whatever she can find and could be the victim of parasites as well. She has also been seen in the Pollock Pines neighborhoods. If you see this dog DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL THE DOG OR CAPTURE but call Lane at (530) 832-9779 or email her at her office vantageins@wildblue.net  or Pamela at (775) 833-2066 PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net Again, please do not attempt to catch her as it will scare her deeper into the forest. We have a team of experienced people that will trap her once we establish where she is. We have a wonderful sanctuary for her to go to. We won't give up on her!
Safe Haven Sanctuary, Yerrington, NV - two beautiful young Malamute/wolfdogs, male -Denali, and female Gypsy - were rescued from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Washingon a couple of years ago. The unkempt and irresponsible refuge could no longer care for their 160 dogs so they were dispersed to various Rescues. Some died. All the dogs had all been kept in poor conditions and in tiny pens or crates and not socialized. These two are extremely shy. They had lived in a tiny kennel together for 3 years, with no access to walks, socialization or the outside in any manner (not even windows). We think they may be siblings as they look very much alike. The male is the larger of the two. Even though they were extremely shy when they arrived they are venturing out into their yard and playing now. Both Denali and Gypsy are still extremely "wolfy" and will not come to be petted or leashed and it's been a year. These two beauties are very bonded and stick together like glue. They have been allowed into the larger yard with a few other dogs and have shown no aggression - just curiosity. They have dug a den and like to hide in there.
These dogs are not available for adoption to the general public. They are available for adoption ONLY to a wolf sanctuary or someone with a "sanctuary setting" [i.e. large, wolf escape-proof enclosure with enrichment] that can give them a forever and happy home. Keep watching our site for new photos and updates. Contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net for more informaion. If you would like to donate to their care and vet expenses, please click on this link Donations and be sure to mention Safe Haven Sanctuary and which animals you are donating towards. Thank you! 
Always needing homes! 
LOCATION: NAVAJO COUNTY, AZ - Countless PUREBRED KUVASZ DOGS come in regularly ...
Pet Allies 
altering lives 
cell 928-243-0695 
Please circulate. This is urgent…these dogs STILL need placement …. more coming regularly on breeder-release program….. ages from 10 months old and up. 
Beautiful purebred Kuvasz Dogs. These are Hungarian herding dogs and are simply wonderful! If you can help spread the word, that would be wonderful. If you could take one or two along the line to foster or adopt, that would be awesome! Please contact RJ directly at   …. fostering@PetAlliesAz.org 
an Adoption Application will be needed, as well as a Home Check and reference check. 
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