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Still waiting for a home! Truckee, CA - Timber is a sturdy, handsome 1-1/2 year-old Husky/GSD (German Shepherd Dog). He is currently with Tahoe Husky Rescue for over a month and is slowly starting to trust people. Timber came into Rescue from Tonopah (thanks to friends at Res-Que) where he was running loose with a pack of dogs for a while who may have been abandoned. Timber hadn't socialized with humans in quite some time. Timber is doing good and coming along nicely and we got our first kisses from him on day 6. We will continue to work with him and update his progress. If you have evern rehabbed a dog before the transformations they make can be truly amazing! Anyone who is interested in Timber must know that gaining his trust will take TIME and PATIENCE. It can be a lengthy process and your commitment is crucial to his success. More to come on this sweet soul so stay tuned for updates and new photos. As with all our rescues, Timber is neutered, UTD onshots, microchipped, and his adoption fee is $200. Please, no small children or cats, and secure fenced yard is a must. If you have experience with rehabilitation, love and patience, please contact Brad at TahoeHuskyRescue@yahoo.com
Adoption pending - Deming, Washington [state] - Wicket is a charming Malamute boy that was born 9/10/11. He is 6 years old and a real sweetheart. His owner recenty passed away and Wicket is being cared for by family. They already have dogs and sadly cannot keep Wicket. They will bring him to a shelter if we don't find a home right away. Wicket is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is best in a home as an only boy. He is uncomfortable around other dogs but a real lovebug with people. He is ok with cats - just ignores them. He walks well on leash and good recall off leash in the hills or woods. He prefers to be outside where it's cool but Wicket is very well behaved indoors and likes to hang with you. Wicket does not ride well in the car and will need some training with this. Family is willing to help with transportation. We would love to find a wonderful home for Wicket as he is SO sweet. He will miss his Dad but he is young and will adjust with a new family that is active outdoors. Wicket is overweight and some activity and attention is just what he needs! He could also use some brushing and good loving as he has been a bit ignored lately since the family had to pay attention to his owner. He would thrive in a cool climate as he has a heavy coat and does not like the heat. Please call Pamela if you can give this sweetheart a good home. (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Please help this girl! New Mexico - This stunning 4 y/o mid-content wolfdog, Freya (on the left) is in a sanctuary waiting for her forever home. History: She was rescued from a shelter hours before euthanization; was fostered for weeks by a wonderful couple who had the perfect containment and lifestyle for her. Freya was well behaved indoors with them and liked sleeping in the bedroom. Freya likes to be queen and kept bugging the other dogs and so we placed her into a new home where Freyja had a nice male whom she liked. We had advised lean ins which they didn't do and she soon escaped their 8' fencing. Animal Control wanted to confiscate Freya so now poor Freya will have to stay at a sanctuary until we can find her a new home. Freya is sweet and warms up to women quicker but now a little shy of some men. Freya will require 6', 7' or 8' fencing but must have lean ins as she can literally jump/climb an 8' fence. There should be dig guard as well. We are looking for a wolfdog-experienced person with time to spend with this sweet girl, and one nice male canine companion for Freya. Freya may also be fine as an only dog if you are around a lot to spend time with her. Freya is well behaved indoors, is housetrained, and likes sleeping next to your bed - and she really enjoys being outdoors on daily hikes to lakes and mountains on a long leash. Overall she is friendly with other dogs if they don't live with her as she likes to establish a hierarchy. Transportation is available so help us get beautiful Freya into a forever, loving home. She is really a sweet girl and just needs to find the right place. Contact Pamela Jo by calling her at (775) 833-2066 or email her at
  Adoption pending - Yakima, WA -Cena needs a home quickly! Beautiful Cena is 8 years young, weighs 82lbs, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Cena is shy, reserved and has a few nice doggie friends. She is ok with small dogs but we don't usually adopt our rescues into homes with small dogs as they can be injured when playing. Cena is good with her kitty as well. She has 6 basic commands and has good recall off leash when hiking offleash in the woods. Cena is very well behaved indoors, housetrained but is left at home for 9-11 hours while owners work. We would like to get Cena into a home where someone is around more and can pay some nice attention to this sweet girl, getting her out for walks twice a day. Currently she has 5' fencing with electric wire at 4' but would probably be ok with 6' fencing and/or lean ins.  Cna has no food aggression and takes food gently. She went to Obedience School when she was 2 but is still a bit shy. She would do really well with someone that is used to shy dogs and understands their nature. She is fearful around loud noises - fireworks, guns, thunder. Owner cleans her teeth and she is in perfect health. Cena is submissive with humans and playful with their 5 grandchildren ages 5-17. She likes to ride in the car and eats a healthy diet of real food. She loves the snow! Owner will have her put down if we don't find a good home for her soon. He is willing to transport Cena to your home. Please call Pamela if you can give this sweetheart a good home. (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Urgent - Sant Cruz, CA - These two beautiful girls would like to go together ... Pretty 6 y/o Lucy needs a home right away. German Shepherd/Malamute mix, Lucy's home is being sold and they can not keep her any longer. Lucy is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is submissive and gets along great with other dogs and best with larger dogs. No cats or small dogs please. Lucy does not like being leashed but is not difficult once she is on one. She is housetrained but has been living outdoors for years now. She is very bonded with her best friend, Indy [white dog shown below] and has separation
anxiety when Indy is not around. She does not try to escape unless Indy is out and she will do anything to be with her. Lucy is content to stay in her enclosure so we would like to find someone with a nice big yard for Indy. Usually good in 6' fencing. Pic above shows Lucy with summer coat all brushed out. Lucy is a bit shy with humans and loves to be around dogs. She has no food aggression at all. She is in good health and playful. Lucy is a bit nervous in the car and does best riding in a kennel where she feels secure. She is difficult to leash up as she is very shy, but will go anywhere Indy goes. Here is a photo of Lucy with her winter coat. What a beauty!
    Indy is Lucy's best friend and she is about 7 years old. She is the slender White German Shepherd/Husky girl, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is good with other dogs but with larger, friendly males she is best. No small dogs or cats please. She walks nicely on leash but is not getting out much these days. Indy is VERY well behaved indoors and is housetrained, but has been stuck living outside with Lucy for 5 years now. Indy is crate trained in the car and was fine when left home alone. She has dug out of her pen a few times so dig guard is recommended with at least 6' fencing. Indy knows some basic training however owner has done nothing with her in a long time. Very sad for these girls. Indy loves going places with you but has been a backyard dog living outside for 5 years now. Indy is an amazing girl - she loves people and wants to say hello to everyone and just be loved on. She loves to cuddle and wants to sleep next to you. Unfortunately after getting Lucy her lifestyle was changed and she became Lucy's management piece. Indy is a wonderful girl and loves being with people - but Lucy is a complete wreck with out her so Indy has to stay outside with her.
    Both these pups need a home ASAP. It will be difficult to find a good home for them both but if someone can find it in their heart to take them both it would be great. If we can't find a home for them together they will need to be separated and if so, best if they go into a home with another friendly dog so that it won't be so stressful on them. If you feel you can give both or one of these precious girls a good home, Please contact Pamela Jo at her email  PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net     PLEASE HELP THEM FIND A NEW HOME!
Houston, TX - Pretty Bella needs a new home. Her owners had a baby and Bella is not comfortable as baby pulls her hair etc., so they want to rehome Bella. Bella is 7 years old, weighs about 57 lbs, is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. Bella is a real beauty and a sweetheart too! She has been well loved and well taken care of. Bella is in good health, walks nicely on  leash and is well behaved indoors. She is housetrained and crate trained but can jump a fence so needs 6' fencing with lean ins (or 7-8' fencing without). Bella is good with male dogs both big and small, loves her hikes, but also likes to hang out with you indoors. Transportation help is availble within TX or Louisiana. If you are interested in this girl, please contact Pamela Jo at PamelaJowolflady2@sbcglobal.net 
Urgent - Hopedale, Illinois - This very pretty girl, Remy, is only 18 months old and needs a home right away. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and likes to be around other dogs. She has never been around small dogs so we prefer to place her into a home with another large male or two. Remy is quite energetic and will need someone that likes to hike and be active outdoors. Someone around a lot would be great for her as she howls when she is left home alone. She is presently in a wolfdog-illegal state so transportation is available to get her into a legal county as soon as possible. This girl is absolutely beautiful and has no food aggression with people. She's a bit protective of her snacks with other dogs so should be fed separately. Remy likes to jump up and greet you or play so she needs training and boundaries in this area. Remy is too energetic for children so we would like a home with adults only and 6' or 7' fencing. Remy was rescued from the back of a truck along with 8 other pups in a tiny kennel so she may have some bad memories of travelling and would do well to learn to ride in a car and enjoy it. Please help this girl as she may wind up in a shelter if we don't get her out of Illinois. She is presently with her brother Sarge, listed here as well. We have many other photos of her on our Facebook so if you can give this girl a good home please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
Urgent - Hopedale, Illinois - Sarge is with Remy (above) and has to find a new home outside of IL right away or may wind up at a shelter. He is also 18 months old and was rescued from a tiny kennel in the back of a pickup along with 7 other puppies. He is really very handsome but like Remy we don't have good photos of him. You can see more on our Facebook but he has a beautiful coat and tall prick ears. Sarge is not neutered and will have to be neutered for adoption. He is better with female dogs of his own size, walks good on a leash and a very calm and sweet boy. He's not quite so energetic as Remy but loves his walks and hikes. He does well at home but is kept outside most of the time with Remy and their other dog. Sarge needs some basic training and is a bit protective of his food, so best to feed separately. He is a bit shy and likes to get to know you first before strangers pet him. He is submissive with people but warms up quickly. He is calm with kids but we prefer to adopt our rescues into homes with adults that are around a lot and have secure containment. If you can give this sweet boy a good home please contact Pamela at (775) 833-2066 or PamelaJoWolflady2@sbcglobal.net
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