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5. Requirements: 


Are you looking for an     ____inside animal     ____outside animal    or     ____ both? 


Are you looking for a guard dog?  ____Yes         ____No  


Are you aware that wolves and most wolfdogs do not make good guard dogs by nature due to their shyness with humans? ____Yes  ____No 


Please describe the animal you are interested in adopting (i.e. male/female, age, breed, wolf content, temperament, special qualities/traits, name of rescue if known) 





 6. Employment: 


What is your occupation?  _______________________________________________________________________ 


Partner's occupation: ___________________________________________________________________________


Do you work a normal 8-hour day away from home?   ____Yes       ____No  


If not, please explain ____________________________________________________________________________


Please describe the amount of time the dog will be left alone every day, __________________________________


WHERE the dog will be left while you are away ______________________________________________________

and how many hours you can devote to this animal on a daily basis: 




Does your occupation, or your partner's, require you to be away from home for long hours or require out-of-town trips?   ____Yes      ____No 


Are you committed to providing Dog Training right away?  ____Yes      ____No



7. Containment and Care: 


Do you currently have fencing? ____Yes        ____No    If so, please describe it in detail (i.e. chain link, wood, invisible fencing, field/farm, electric, etc.), how tall it is exactly at the lowest point (please measure it) and give length and width of area enclosed. Does it have lean ins or extensions? Please give detail...






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