Successful Adoptions 2019

  These animals have been placed by LTWR 
or our networking partners. The dogs are now in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts! 
Adopted - Vallejo, CA - 6 y/o neutered Orion is a gorgeous Malamute boy with beautiful brown eyes and a luxurious long coat. He needs a home ASAP. His family has had him since a puppy but has to give him up. Orion is not comfortable around toddlers or kids under 10. He is nippy and nervous and they just had a baby so Orion must go. Unfortunately this is a story that we hear often, and we hope that more people will do the research before obtaining certain breeds. Orion is great with adults, all other animals, even small dogs and including his kitty. He is a little protective of his food so always fed separately in a calm environment. Poor Orion was temporarily given to another family member but they are moving to a small apartment and Orion is not getting walked much at all. Time is of the essence to get Orion into a home with no children, a nice fenced back yard, and daily exercise. He does not have separation anxiety and can be left home for short periods of time, He takes food gently, is housetrained and has some training. If you would like more information on either of these boys please email Pamela Jo at 
Colorado Springs, CO - Spirit is only 3 years old and needs a new home. He is neutered and up to date on shots. His birthday is March 20, 2016. His owners got him from a breeder in Trinidad, CO. Spirit is nervous around strangers and will growl and show his teeth if strange children or adults approach him and try to pet him unexpectedly. His owner is afraid he will fear bite but he only needs an experienced handler to teach him how to trust as well as a controlled environment where he can be socialized properly. Dog classes would be helpful. He is a good boy in his home and he lives with other animals and kids. Spirit is shy and fearful of new people. He does have a strong prey drive for rabbits and squirrels but good with cats and snakes. Spirit is not a jumper or a digger. He does love to run and sneak up behind his owner and is very playful. Spirit was born with a slight deformity in his front feet which is not correctable. He doesn’t walk fully on his pads but it doesn’t seem to bother him or slow him down. His owner feels that he needs more space to run and play and to be out of a city environment where he constantly encounters new people, loud noises and scary things. For more information and an adoption application contact 
WA - this beautiful Malamute/mix needs to get out of his home ASAP or shelter will confiscate. Anin is only 6 years old, weighs about 85 lbs, is neutered, microchipped and up to date on shots. He was bought from a breeder as a puppy 6 years ago but he got loose and fought with a smaller dog, so now Animal Control wants him out of the county. Owner willing to drive him to a new home to save his life. She only has a short time to get him out of Elma. Anin has gold eyes and is very sweet. He walks nicely on leash and is very well mannered, but off leash not much recall. He will wander for hours. Anin is also very well mannered indoors and is housetrained. He will howl if he is separated from his female companion. Poor Anin is kept on a chain so he will need a nice yard with at least 6' secure fencing. Lean ins recommended. Anin is quite shy and skittish and does best on a leash, but will not Come to you when off leash. He needs a northern-breed or wolfdog-experienced owner to start training him more, and he does need daily exercise. He has no resource protection with people or with dogs unless it's a bone or high-value meat - typical of most dogs. Anin knows a few commands - Sit, Lie Down, Stay but he is best when on a leash. Anin is very timid of new people and fearful of adult men. Best placed in a calm household with women (no children, cats or small dogs please). Anin is overall very submissive and loves kids, so visiting children ok if supervised.
 Adopted! Oakland, CA - this beautiful 9 y/o female Collie is Piper. She weighs about 43 lbs, is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and good with most dogs - males better than females. Presently Piper is in a foster home with a professional trainer who is working Piper with her grandchildren and small dogs. Piper is doing great and learning that little kids won't hurt her. Grandkids made a cardboard house and soon Piper was bounding in and out with them having great fun. She is even learning rules about livestock. As far as cats go if they don't run she is ok, but if they run, all bets off but she does have good voice recall. Very food motivated and "will work for food." Piper walks nicely on leash, and has good recall off leash. She is very well behaved indoors, like a little lady. She is housetrained, crate trained and has never had any destruction when left home by herself - she mostly snoozes until you get home. Piper is submissive with people and has no food aggression but does not like to share food with other dogs so best to always feed dogs separately. Piper is getting some great training at the ranch and is an all-around wonderful girl. The family gave her up because Piper likes a calm and disciplined environment and got nervous when children were around. If adults don't keep children from running and screaming then most dogs get anxious, especially the more sensitive ones - and Piper is a very sensitive girl. We would like to place sweet Piper into a home without children or cats but visiting grandkids would be fine with supervision. Piper is the sweetest dog and will make a good companion for someone in a calm household. She loves to please but all dogs need to know who's in charge, so her new human will have to set the boundaries for her to understand their expectations. Piper will be a great companion since she loves being indoors with her humans and going for a few walks every day. Please contact Pamela at  for an Application and more pics of this beautiful girl. NOTE: Piper is not a wolfdog!
Meridian, Idaho - Luna will be ONE on May 3rd! she currently lives with Prince [above], is spayed and up to date on puppy shots. Luna's owner is medically disabled and can no longer give them the attention they need. Luna is hesitant with big dogs but eventually warms up to them. She is not good with little dogs as she has had the same bad experiences as Prince with neighbor's dogs. They both need some training and socializing around small dogs. Luna needs a little more leash training and has a high prey drive too. Both are high energy pups and like to play and run around, and both always supervised in the house. Luna will also pace by the door to be let out for potty so an observant owner is a must. She is kennel trained when left home alone and at night but should not be left in kennel for long periods of time (4  hrs max). She cries when Prince is not around. Both dogs are in 6' fencing with no attempts to escape but they both love to dig holes and run around. Since they are both pups they need supervision as they are very active and like to chew things. Daily exercise a must! A tired dog is a well behaved dog. Luna is submissive with the little children in the home, loves riding in the car. Please help this girl get into a loving home. Her owners are heartbroken to have to give up both Prince and Luna. Transportation help is available. Husky experience a plus!  Contact Pamela Jo at  
Bach's Rescue Remedy might be in order to help him with this. He - like other canines - should be on a real-meat diet to help him be more calm and comfortable. This is a very urgent situation and we don't want Anin to be confiscated. Please contact Pamela Jo at  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
Greensboro, NC -Meet Meeko and Arya. These two beautiful girls are pretty urgent. Owners can no longer keep them because they travel a lot. They also had them in Invisible Fencing [not recommended for northern breeds]. It does not keep other animals from coming into their yard. This is what happened with a small dog and the small dog did not get the best of it. Meeko and Arya are very adoptable, very well mannered and were set up for failure. We are looking for a home that will take both these girls as they are very bonded. Both up to date on vaccinations and in great health. They are not food possessive. They have always been left outdoors when owners leave so we do not know how they are when left home alone unattended. They do not try to escape their other property which only has 4-5' plastic mesh fencing. WOW. They have had some puppy training and are both eagerly submissive seeking affection.  We avoid placing our rescues with children but would be fine with visiting grandchildren. They both have decent recall when on hikes in the woods and stay close but recall is not perfect. Vet records are available for both pups.
Meeko - is the gorgeous fluffy Malamute, 7 years old and spayed. Meeko is normally good with other dogs but plays dominant some times. If introduced properly she is fine with all sizes.  Meeko walks nicely on leash. She would be the better one indoors when left home alone after some exercise and conditioning. She is not shy but likes to get to know strangers slowly, then she is affectionate and friendly. Meeko can be more cautious around children. She likes to ride in the car and go places with you.
Arya -  It’s said that the female meaning of Arya in India is “noble goddess" as well as faithful and devoted. This beautiful 3-year-old pup is all of that and more. Arya does have some prey instinct with little dogs so we will not place them in a home with small dogs or cats. She is submissive with humans and loves to please, is very
playful and much more kid affectionate. These two are very bonded and everyone who knows them loves them. Arya is the one who is more protective of her yard when strange dogs come onto the property.
We require at least 6' fencing for these girls and someone who can give them the daily exercise they so greatly need. Northern-breed experience a plus. They are both presently in a boarding facility - very temporary - and we would like to get them into a wonderful and loving home ASAP. Transportation help is available. Please contact Pamela Jo at   Time is of the essence!
CURRENTLY AT ANOTHER RESCUE - "One More Rescue" in Mountain Home, Idaho. Contact them directly to adopt
Prince turned ONE on January 2019. He is a beautiful neutered golden Siberian Husky. He has one blue eye and one gold. He is up to date on vaccinations. His owner has health problems and can no longer care for him. Prince is interested in meeting other big dogs on leash but he is not good with little dogs. He has had bad experiences with them as his neighbors have 8 little dogs that run and bark at him at the fenceline and try to dig into his yard. So Prince will need some training and socialization with little dogs. Prince walks very well on leash and loves his hikes. He is high energy and needs someone that can give him daily exercise. Previously he had a padlocked chain around his neck and left in a kennel on concrete so we do not advise endurance-type exercise. Prince is well behaved indoors but he has never been left home alone. He loves being with you all the time. He will pace at the door when he wants to go potty. He does not like being left in a kennel and will hurt himself trying to get out.  It took a long time for him to be ok with being kenneled indoors for short periods of time. He can be left home alone for no more than 4 hours before getting nervous and trying to get out. Prince presently has 6' fencing and has not tried to escape, but there is always someone around to watch him when he is out in his yard. He likes to dig in his yard and chase critters as he has a strong prey drive. He has no food aggression. He has been brought up with little children and will obey them if they give a command but if unsupervised will nip if they are running around. Prince has had some training and is shy with strange men since his abuse but is great with the kids. Prince is mostly a submissive and sweet pup who loves to ride in the car with you but we will not place him in a home with children, small dogs or cats. Visiting grandkids would be nice. Please help this boy get into a loving home. He has had a rough life and his owners are heartbroken to have to give up both Prince and his female companion, Luna. Transportation help is available. Contact Pamela Jo at 
Southern CA -  Currently at Jaws and Paws Rescue - Beautiful Loofa appears to be mostly German Shepherd and Malamute. Loofa is less than a year old, weighs about 65-70 lbs, is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Jodi - who does Rescue for Boxers and Buddies - saved these her and her brother from euthanasia. Loofa is microchipped and we would like to place her into a home as an only dog. We don't know how Loofa is with cats, small dogs or children so will not be placing her with any of these. She needs leash training (Jodi is working with that) but has good recall off leash in her yard. She has always been an outdoor dog so unknown how she is indoors. She will need
housetraining and supervision initially. Probably best not to leave her home alone for some time until she is comfortable. Loofa likes to dig in the yard. She does not try to jump but she currently has her kennel mate in there with her. She loves her treats and food and will jump up for it. Loofa will finish her food too fast, so she needs continued training with this as well to learn to eat slowly. She is very protective of her food when other dogs around and will eat laying over her bowl. In her new home it would be best teach her to eat slowly and calmly. Loofa is not shy and likes to playfully jump on you when you bend over, but is not aggressive and takes correction well. She is just a big puppy and has not had any training. Loofa rides ok in the back of a pick up with camper shell but might be better in an SUV. Trucks often make dogs anxious as there is too much room to move around in and loud noises. Both these pups have had severe abuse with their previous owner who used to hit and kick them, then subsequently dumped them at a shelter. This beautiful pup really needs an experienced adopter. One who has lots of time to exercise, train and give her the attention she needs to learn to trust and become comfortable in her own skin ... or fur. She is so young and has lots of potential. For more information, photos and videos, contact Heavyn at    Application and Home Check required.
Southern CA -  Currently at Jaws and Paws Rescue this handsom pup Ozo is mostly German Shepherd and Husky. Ozo is a sweethart that is less then a year and weighs about 85 lbs. He has amber eyes, is neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. Ozo came in with Loofa [above] and we believe they are simblings. Ozo needs an experienced handler and a home of his own. We feel that he and Loofa will do much better being separated as they fight like siblings! He does need a new owner who is around a lot to give him the time and attention he needs. Some training and lots of exercise will keep this energetic pup calm and happy. Like many of our rescues, Ozo was kept in a back yard most of his young life and is a bit scared of his new world. He is good with his female kennel mate and gets very upset when she is taken out without him. We don't know how he would be if left home alone but considering he gets anxious when his new friend is gone we would like to place him with someone that works at home, retired, etc. to prevent any separation anxiety or destruction that many pups are known to do. Ozo is very good with people but is protective of his bowl and food, so training in this area is needed too. Ozo is not fearful or shy but the abuse he suffered previously is apparent and he will often cower. We do not place our rescues into homes with children and prefer a calm, adult environment with lots of outdoor activity. Ozo does not do well traveling in the back of a truck even with a camper shell but trucks can be scary. May do better in a car with you close by to reassure him. This boy has been kicked and hit by prevous owner with both hands and rope, so patience is needed to gain his trust. He just needs help to be a well-balanced and socialized boy. He is still young and has many good years ahead. He was dumped by owner to the local shelter and rescued by his Foster Mom just in the nick of time.  Transportation help available.  For more information, photos and videos, contact Heavyn at    Application and Home Check required.
Manteca, CA - (south of Stockton) - Beautiful and sweet, this 7-month-old female pup, ASTRID, needs a new home. Her owner got her as a puppy but now realizes Astrid needs more exercise and attention. Mom also has to take care of her elderly Mom and an energetic puppy is not working out. Sadly she has to rehome her but better now as a pup than later. Astrid is up to date on her vaccinations but has to be spayed. She is typically a high-energy northern breed (Malamute) and so a new home with lots of daily exercise and training would be great for her. No dog likes to be left home alone so someone that is around a lot and won't go off all day and leave her. Astrid is presently being trained to walk nicely on leash and she catches on quick. Pick up and Transport help is available so let's find this pretty girl a new home!  Please contact Pamela Jo at if you are interested in giving this beautiful girl a great home. Application, secure containment and Home Check required. Transport help available. Astrid is not a wolfdog.