Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue    
Successful Adoptions 2015 
These animals have been adopted out by LTWR and our networking partners. They have been placed in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts.



Found Foster home! Incline Village, NV Lake Tahoe -  Romeo and Cisco are 4-year-old neutered brothers that need a home right away. Their owner is facing an acute medical issue and will not be able to care for them properly for a couple of months more. The dogs were tied out on chains at a friend's property for 5 months in the cold and rain, hoping their owner would return for them. All those months these pups had no interaction with people other than getting fed and they really didn't have much protection from the elements but now we rescued these sweet pups and we are boarding them at Pet Network Humane Soc. Cisco and Romeo have been to the vet, bathed and groomed, and are enjoying a play yard until someone offers them a new home - but we can't keep them forever. Both dogs look similar and you can see more photos of them on our Facebook. Both are friendly, adult Golden Retriever/Shepherd mixes. The boys are neutered, vaccinated, housetrained, and healthy - they are NOT wolfdogs. They are affectionate with the family's other dogs. They do get upset when separated so we are hoping to foster them togetheer. They would enjoy a nice yard and sleeping in with you at night, or to hang with you indoors as well. A fenced yard would be recommended unless one can get them out for a few walks per day. They are not noted escape artists, love their belly rubs, and would enjoy some real one-on-one attention with someone who is around alot (works at home, retired, etc.). If you could open your home to one or both of these sweet boys, please contact Pamela Jo immmediately at (775) 833-2066 or  Thank you! Time is of the essence as they only have one more week before going to a shelter.


Adopted! Dante - 6-year-old white Malamute. He weighs about 90 lbs and is best with other large dogs. He has no food aggression but likes to "keep"  his food too. This is what happens when so many dogs are kept in one yard, but these dogs have adjusted and get along with each other. With the right handler trust issues soon go away. He's a sweetheart and would really love a new home with someone who will love and care for him.


ADOPTED! Portland Oregon area - Dasha is an exceptional 14-mo-old girl who is not only beautiful and sweet tempered but also incredibly intelligent. She is not a wolfdog but is a wolfy-looking German Shepherd mix. Her foster mom has nothing but wonderful things to say about her ... she is good in the house, loves to go for car rides, is learning to walk like an angel wearing a head halter and is playful and fun loving with other canines. As if this wasn't enough good stuff, Dasha is also being a good girl with the resident kitty at her foster home and walked by the chickens without showing one bit of interest in them. She has excellent off-leash recall and shows great promise for specialized training ... perhaps as an SAR or service dog ... but she is still just a pup and has lots of puppy energy. Dasha will need a playful large-breed male companion as her buddy ... she is 75 lbs right now and will continue filling out for another year (but not much heavier). For more info about Dasha and an adoption application, please contact Kim at  Dasha will only be placed in WA, OR or CA.




Heath Ohio - in SHELTER - 015-502  Spirit Son Siberian Husky/GSD male, 6 yrs, 95 pounds, Grey/white/red. This pretty boy was seized for owner-deceased reasons. Sister of owner was contacted and evidently family will not claim. Spirit Son walks on leash, but he is still frightened by the noise/sounds at the shelter. He has shown some aggression towards just male dogs, not good w/cats. Please contact shelter directly: Larry D Williams, Deputy Dog Warden, 544 Dog Leg Road, Heath, Ohio 43056 740-349-6563, 740-323-0126  or email himTime is of the essence for this beautiful Spirit Son as the shelter will not keep him very long. Experienced handler and secure containment would be best, no cats or small children.


Rescued! Laredo, TX - Two beautiful young dogs in kill shelter - we would like to find quick foster or permanent adopter to get them out ASAP. Male and female found roaming - escaped from inadequate fencing. Both spayed/neutered, vaccinated [Rabies] and microchipped. They are both extremely friendly and affectionate and very adoptable to the right home. We prefer someone with northern-breed experience that can spend time giving them daily exercise and training. 6' fencing with overhang or lean ins, or 7' fencing. Dig guard recommended and/or someone around a lot.
Transportation help is available, so please pass the word. This is a kill shelter and they may not have long.  Time is of the essence!
Thank you ...
Aphrodite (white) and Tundra (her companion) on the hillside at their new home. Aphrodite was one the 6 dogs rescued from Stockton hoarder/breeder one year ago. Ditey was in terrible condition, terrified of everything, anxious and insecure. She had no training or medical care. Under the wonderful care of our foster Mom, Shana in Auburn, Aphrodite received some one-on-one attention, grooming, and leash walking - but was still very unadoptable after 8 months until we found a very special home for her with her boyfriend, Tundra and her new family. They all love Ditey and have given her a forever home. She is very comfortable and self confident now and goes on hikes with them every day in the beautiful foothills surrounding their home. Aphrodite and her other 4 companions are all in wonderful permanent homes now.

RESCUED! Black Canyon City, AZ - Prince is a 7-year-old gorgeous white male, born on Cinco de Mayo! He is a family teddy bear! He lost one of his eyes when he had Valley fever but recovered and doing fine now. Prince is on a Royal Canin/special diet and good water and he's a healthy boy. Once he loves you and you respect who he is, he is the best companion that anyone could wish for ... at your side every steps of the way! Owners love him and are saddened to give him up. Some socialization training will be needed as he is a strong protector for the one he loves and doesn't like everyone. An experienced handler, proper environment and lots of time and attention will help this boy learn to enjoy a new home. He is distrustful of new people and slow introduction is best so he can learn all is ok. He does pull on leash so some training in this area is needed as well. He can act in a dominant fashion with men but once he gets to know you he can be a great companion. Prince has not had much exposure to new dogs - other than his own companions - so socialization should be part of the agenda. We will not adopt Prince into a home with children, small dogs or cats. Garbage should be kept under wraps and he can be an escape artist so secure containment is required. He is a beautiful and sweet boy for the right person.

If you think you would like to give Prince a loving forever home, and have the experience to help him learn to trust, please contact Jennifer at
Location: Delray Beach, Florida
CONTACT: Tina at
VERY URGENT! Currently in a shelter and time is of the essence!SHE ONLY HAS ONE DAY! Tala is a spayed 5-year-old Northern-breed mix of mostly Malamute and German Shepherd Dog [GSD] sold originally as a Native American Indian Dog [NAID] from a breeder. Tala weighs about 95lbs and is very beautiful! She gets along with adults and children and likes to be indoors with you [in air conditioning], outdoors when it's cool out. She likes attention and leash walks. She has been escaping her yard and becoming more aggressive toward other dogs. We feel that Tala has good potential to becoming a well-balanced companion with daily exercise, doggie classes where she can be properly socialized in a controlled environment, and an experienced handler. She is in desperate need of either local rescue assistance OR a qualified adopter with appropriate escape-proof containment, and no other dogs.
Los Angeles area, CA - Puppygirl!  At 8 weeks of age, this adorable Malamute-looking girl has a low-content wolfdog Mom and a high-content wolfdog Dad - so an experienced handler will be needed for this sweetie for when she grows up - and she may be a big girl. Don't let those markings fool you. Secure, escape-proof containment and someone who is around a lot to help socialize her as she matures would be best for Puppygirl. Adoption Application, Home Visit and Spay Deposit will be required. If you would like kto know more about this ball of fluff, please contact Jennifer at 
Adopted! Vacaville, CA - Aries is a beautiful 5-month-old Husky/Shepherd mix who is up to date on vaccinations. She will need to be spayed, micro-chipped, and undergo surgery for an injured rear leg, prior to adoption. We are working to raise the funds for her surgery as she needs leg surgery as soon as possible. Spaying can wait for now. 
She had been raised with small dogs and is friendly and playful with other dogs. She rides well in the car and is friendly with people. Aries has no experience with young children, so we would like to place her in a home that is calm where she can recuperate. Her general disposition is energetic and playful. Once her leg is healed she will likely enjoy an active lifestyle as most other Nordic breeds.
She will, however, need an adopter who understands confidence building and the time and patience that young dogs require (house-training, leash-training, etc.) as Aries is a bit shy and unsure.
Adopted  Fountain, CO - this pretty carmel-and-white Husky mix is named Tequila. She is turning 10 in October and needs a home as soon as possible. Her owner is willing to help with transport to get her to a good home. Tequila is about 95 lbs and is current on her Rabies. She likes to be the only dog although she lives with two other dogs presently, but needs some socializing in this area with new dogs, so not a good dog-park candidate. She's better with small dogs with the right handler but we will not adopt her into a home with other dogs. She pulls a bit on leash and is well behaved indoors, but does not like to be left home alone for long periods of time. Tequila is not an escape artist and hasn't tried to dig or climb but we always recommend at least a 5-6' fence. She will come when called, knows Sit, Shake, Lie Down. She is fine with children and social with adults. Tequila does not like to be kenneled and may hurt herself if crated. She needs some boundaries and training as she will counter surf when not being watched. She's really playful and in good shape for her age. This is son's dog and Mom has been taking care but is now getting transferred with the military and Tequila needs a new home by Oct 1. Time is running out for this sweet girl. She would be best with a handler that understands northern breeds and can give her some daily exercise, but since she is 10 she is not high maintenance -just likes to have someone around for company. A person that works from home or is retired would be perfect for this girl. Please contact Robin at  
 Adopted! Southern Oregon - Juneau is a wonderful and very beautiful 7-yr-old Husky who lives with pugs and kitties. He is house trained, leash trained, rides in the car well ... is just an all around sweet boy.  He loves girl dogs but is very selective about males he likes so he is best placed with a nice female companion. Juneau does chase outside kitties so if he is placed with kitties they must be only indoor kitties. Juneau's situation is very urgent. His mom lost her hubby recently and lost her home as well. 
SeeJuneau here with his new family!
OWNER KEEPING! Las Vegas, NV -  Legend cannot be kept by his owner any more so he only has about 3 weeks before he winds up at the shelter. Legend is a Malamute/Husky mix and maybe some  Border Collie with thosebeautiful markings. He's 4 1/2 years old, neutered, vaccinations, and weighs about 90 lbs. Legend is not very trustful of other dogs or men, and seems to be partial to female owners that are calm and assertive. He needs someone that has experiences with northern breeds and will take the time to give him some training and daily exercise. He's not very social with other dogs so will need training and socialization in this area. He's not good with cats or small dogs although he does live with a Chihuahua (we will not adopt to those with small animals). Legend also needs some leash training as he does pull, but good daily exercise and an experienced handler can fix this easily. He is not a jumper or climber, but does need at least 6 or 7' fencing. He has no food aggression with people but is protective with other dogs. Legend likes to ride in the car. He is a big family/pack dog and loves to cuddle and just hang with you. He would be best in a home that is calm and disciplined, with no kids, nor lots of activity or visitors. His owner does not know how to handle his dominance and will bring him to the pound if we do not find a suitable home for Legend. Please help this dog. If you are interested in Legend, please contact ouor Animal Coordinator, Robin at

Lancaster, CA - OWNER KEEPING - Koda:  He's absolutely gorgeous! 1-½ year-old Koda is good with all dogs, large and small. He is very social and has enjoyed going to the dog park. He will pull slightly on leash, but responds well to a gentle leader. Koda is well behaved in the house, housetrained and is not an escape artist, but does enjoy digging too. Typical of the breed, Koda is stubborn but food motivated and will work for food. He has no food aggression. He has some slight resource guarding with his toys at the dog park, but not at home. Koda loves car rides. He is submissive to adults and children. Koda is fun loving and very smart, and like any smart puppy will take advantage if given the opportunity so a strong leader will be best with Koda. Koda is sweet and kind and once he gets to know you will hike with you off leash. If you are interested in one or both of these pups, please contact Jennnifer at for more information and an Adoption Application.

Adopted- About handsome Minion:   He is a big boy at 130 lbs, he’s good with all types of dogs, he’s well behaved in the home and is fully housetrained. But is not cat friendly, and has a high prey drive so he will pull on leash if he sees a rabbit or cat. He is friendly with children and adults, more on the submissive side and rides well in the car. Minion is not crate trained. While proper fencing and containment is required, Minion is not an escape artist, but does enjoy digging. In a new home it's always best to supervise them for a while to make sure they are secure.
Adopted- Montana - This gorgeous 6-year-old Shepherd mix, Jacob cannot be adopted where there are small animals or kids - his last home had a small child who tried to take his chew toy out of his mouth and got nipped. The child wasn't supervised as all children should be when around animals, and the bite wasn't serious, but poor Jacob wound up at the shelter and may be euthanized if we don't get him out soon. He's getting depressed and so sad that he lost his home. The shelter will only release him to a certified Rescue. Please help us get him out. Jacob is sweet and playful and gorgeous and will make a wonderful companion for some active adults. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Jacob, please contact Kim as soon as possible. The shelter won't hold him forever. Kim Kahl> 

Adopted California - Ducky is currently in a foster home in San Francisco, but will soon be transported to southern California. She is a real sweetheart and very beautiful at about 4-5 years old she weighs 88 lbs. and is 29" at the shoulder. Poor Ducky was living on a tie out for the past year and a half. Prior to that she was terribly neglected and relegated to eating trash to survive. Now she bonds so quickly to people she hates to be separated. Her separation anxiety means she needs a home with someone around a lot, someone who works at home or is retired. She may be destructive if left home alone. She would also do best with another canine companion and secure escape-proof yard. Ducky is spayed, chipped and UTD on all vaccinations. She is now safe in a foster home but deserves a loving home of her own.She is a very, very special girl – truly a “heart dog." Ducky craves both human and canine companionship.  She is playing really well with her foster sister and has done well meeting new dogs, albeit a tiny bit guarded at first. She can be a little shy of new people, but warms up quicky. She loves to be petted and brushed, and once she gets to know you she just absolute loves people and other dogs. While she has not had formal training, she is already learning to sit and given her affectionate and loving nature she will like be easy to train and assimilate into a home. She does not pull on leash, but will benefit from additional leash training. She will need a patient, loving, nurturing home to show her what life is like as a pet. If you would like to know more about Ducky and give her a forever home, please contact Jennifer at  An Adoption Application and Home Visit will be required 

 Adopted - 3 dogs in Florida ...

Silver - 2 year old male, low content. He is intact and leashable. He will be neutered before placement.

Adopted - Zeva - 2 year old female. She is spayed and skittish on lead but just needs a patient and caring handler with lots of time to spend with this sweet girl.
Adopted - Sasha - 2-year-old female, spayed, She is the most friendly and what a beauty!
Any assistance would be appreciated with fostering, permanent homes or sanctuary.
They all would love to get out of their horrible conditions and into a loving home where they can be cared for and be happy.


Adopted! Placerville, CA - Rhea is a 65 lb, beautiful Husky mix with a social and friendly disposition toward other medium and large sized dogs. She is currently tethered in the back yard much of the day and is quite lonely and desperate as her owner recently lost job and cannot keep her any longer. She is up to date on vaccinations and seems to be in good health. Rhea is quite lithe and athletic, she will require an escape-proof yard (7-8 foot fence or 6' with lean ins, plus dig guard) and would do best as a companion dog to an active person or couple (she is not a good fit for families with young children). Having a dog buddy will help her feel more secure when left alone. True to the Nordic breeds, she is not recommended for homes with small animals, including small dogs. Her ideal home would allow her to accompany her people during the day because she will vocalize if left alone for more than an hour or two, so an owner that works at home or is retired would be wonderful for this sweetie. Opportunities to exercise and burn off young Husky energy should occur daily as often as possible. If interested in giving this sweet girl a foster or permanent home, please email Robin at   or Presley at 


Shentea and Diamond Adopted!  Diamond, the 3-year-old brother [who has a longer fluffy coat] needs a home. He is lonely without his sister. They both weigh about 45 lbs, 25" at the shoulders. Diamond will be neutered prior to adoption. They are UTD on vaccinations. Both are German Shepherd/Husky mixes and very beautiful! Diamond is reserved but often plays with other dogs through the fence. Both walk on leash and get better with continued training. Original owner says they are housetrained but they have been outside in enclosed kennel since March in their foster home, so may need a little reminder training. Diamond is not a jumper but will try to dig out to escape if anxious - but at his foster home within a month the digging stopped. Commands such as Sit, Lie Down, Come-sit, Sit-Wait…eat [for dinner] & Foster Mom is working on “quiet” & “gentle” with treats. Both are quick studies/fast learners with firm, loving consistency – a show-me attitude and progressing every day. Foster mom also using hand signals with voice commands.  Diamond is a little more outgoing than his sister once he knows you but initially stresses in new surroundings, so time and patience is needed to help them adjust to a new home. He and Shentea both will need to be contained when not supervised - if inside, a large sturdy kennel with roof & floor; or secure, escape-proof yard when outdoors. Our goal is to get them adopted into a loving, structured  and experienced home as soon as possible as Foster Mom cannot keep Diamond any longer. Someone who is around a lot (retired, works a thome, etc.) would be best to help Diamond adjust to a new home. Daily exercise/hiking keeps all these northern breeds relaxed and happy. We really don't want Diamond going to a shelter so please help him find a good home. Contact Kim Kahl   as soon as possible! Transportation help is avialable.

Adopted! Southern Oregon - Beautiful Nova is a 2 yr-old-male malamute mix who will be neutered prior to adoption.  He is weighs approximately 85 lbs. He is a wonderful dog who has been raised with children. He loves to play and gets along well with other dogs ...he also lives with kitties! Unfortunately, Nova's mom is a single mom with 4 children and she cannot afford to build a fence to keep Nova safe, so he has to be on a tie out. That makes him vulnerable to attack by other dogs, or to injury with the cable. She also doesn't have the time to devote to him and give him the life she wants for him so he spends a lot of time tied up. We are looking for an active person or family who will give Nova lots of exercise and enrichment in his life. He requires a 6' minimum fence to keep him safe and a canine playmate would also be a plus. Nova is still in his home waiting for the right person to adopt him. Please contact Kim at for more information and an adoption application. This is one sweet boy and he deserves better. He's still a pup so very trainable!

Adopted! - NW Washington - Handsome Tyson is a 9-mo-old wolfdog who was rescued at 3 mos by a WA rescuer. He is shy boy but warms up quickly and is happy, active and friendly. He weighs approximately 70 lbs but still has quite a bit of growing to do. Tyson will need to be adopted by someone who understands wolfdogs and their needs.  Tyson has a very sweet disposition and has no aggressive tendencies. He will need escape-proof secure containment. It would also be a plus for Tyson to have a sweet, well-socialized female companion who will help to make him feel safe as well as be his best friend and playmate. He's a gorgeous boy and will make a great companion for an active person with patience and who can give him daily exercise. Please contact Kim at for more information and an Adoption Application for Tyson. A Home Visit will be required as well.
 Adopted! Sweet Home, Oregon - German is one of 7 older Malamute mixes near Sweet Home Oregon who are losing their home in April and must find new homes by then. German is a 7- or 8-yr-old neutered male who is 100+/- lbs. He is very shy until he gets to know someone but once he feels comfortable with a new person, he is just a big love bug. German is a very personable, mellow boy who will walk on leash. He has only lived in one place his whole life and also has only lived out doors but I bet in time, he would love to come inside once he has gotten to feel comfortable and at home and has his own comfy doggie bed. He will need a new home with very secure fencing to keep him safe. German is fine with other dogs and would love to have a nice female companion to play with. No cats or small children though ... Please contact Kim for more information and an adoption application... 
Adopted - Reno, Nevada - Arthus is a very sweet 4-year-old male Husky that needs a home ASAP. He was rescued by a caring woman named Sunshine just before the owners were going to have him euthanized. She cannot foster him very long so time is of the essence. Arthus weighs about 70 lbs, is neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. He likes other dogs and plays with them all. He is even good with cats! but of course we always recommend supervision with the small creatures. Arthus walks nicely on leash and is housetrained and crate trained. He's just a sweetie! He's not an escape artist but a new home would do well to have 6' fencing as all rescues are lonely and scared when they go to a strange environment. Arthus gives Shake and High Five, Speaks on command and plays Fetch. He's also good with kids. Sweet Arthus would love a nice home with active owners and someone around a lot to keep him company. Another canine companion would be really great for this boy. He is a bit worried as he is still waiting for his owners to come get him and he follows his foster mom around everywhere she goes. It's very sad when people buy these northern breeds and do not have the time or the energy to give them the lifestyle they need. They often wind up at the shelter. An Adoption Application and Home Visit is required to adopt all our rescues. If you are interested in giving Arthus a forever home we would love to talk to you. Please contact Sunshine at or
  Owner Keeping -Las Vegas area, Nevada - Beautiful Luna with the golden eyes - she is a 4-year-old female Husky/Malamute that needs a home by end of July. She is about 65 lbs, spayed and is up to date on vaccinations. She is also microchipped. She is a bit dominant with other dogs but not aggressive - she likes to be the leader - so a home as an only dog with lots of exercise would be great for her. She may be ok with the right [large] male that is not pushy. She loves that one-on-one attention. She walks nicely on leash but does tend to pull a bit in the beginning if she is excited. She has been kept outdoors all the time but is well behaved indoors as well.  
Luna has no separation anxiety but likes to dig a bit for fun if she's left in the yard. Luna has had basic training and is well behaved, but is submissive and shy at first meeting. She is a little afraid of fast-moving, noisy kids ... so best in a home without children or a lot of excitement. Luna likes a calm household, good daily exercise and an experienced handler. We would like to find a home for her in the Sierra by the end of August as she will thrive and blossom in a cooler climate. Please contact  or Robin at  Transportation help is available. 
These pups need your help!  DONATIONS needed to help these pups! Please read their story ... 
CO - 12 northern-breed dogs (mostly Malamute, Huskies and maybe a couple of NoLow wolfdogs) need homes. They were owned by a senior couple [hoarders] that never spayed/neutered the original pair and just allowed them to breed and roam their 20-acre property. They were living in an area congested and littered with trash and have always lived outdoors. None of these dogs has ever been leashed, handled or even petted but they are pretty calm and curious as you can see from the photos. They come up pretty close for treats and food and some you can touch. They seem to be in good health and are fed regularly but most are underweight as the food is spread on the ground and the fastest get the most food. Some had porcupine quills hanging on to their muzzles. They will all need to be spayed and neutered as they have never been to the vet. Two have lived in a kennel since birth (one-year-old brother and sister, no names, shown above).
UPDATE  - Four of the dogs have gone to Four Corners Wolf/Dog Rescue/Sanctuary in Farmington, NM. The remaining eight have gone to Moonsong Malamute Rescue. These animals are receiving rehabilitation, vet care and lots of love and attention, but soon they will need placement in permanent homes.
We are asking all northern-breed Dog Rescues - as well as wolfdog Rescues - to please step up and help get these dogs into permanent homes.
Whitey -  6-month-old male [shown standing with Spunky above]
Spunky - 6-month-old black & white male
Sparky - 6-month-old black & white male [looks like Spunky]
No name - 6-month-old black, grey & white male, more shy
Buddy - 1-year-old white female
Bull - 1-year-old white male
No name - Kenneled 1-year-old white female [shown at top]
No name - Kenneled 1-year-old white male [shown at top]
Osine (Ah-seenay) 4-year-old white female, she has heterochromia [one blue eye, one brown eye]
Mama - 5-year-old white female (shown with quills in her face)
Butch - 7-year-old grey male (father of pups) 
Rusty - unk age
Adopted!  Los Banos, CA shelter - #2015-1314 Unaltered [will be neutered if adopted], handsome male, Husky or Malamute. This rambunctious boy came in on the 4th of July. He's certainly a beautiful creature with few manners. After a few lessons from me, he willfully sat for a brief picture. "Briefly"is the operative word. He spent his yard time lounging in our pool keeping cool. He gets along with female dogs – I don’t believe we tested him with males yet.  Friendly, though can try to be a tad dominant at times to get his way. He is around 2 yrs. old. We thought we had him adopted but it fell through. He will be put down after the ACO gets back tomorrow (Monday, 7-20) if we don't find a home for him. His owner stated he was a wolfdog but we feel he is a Malamute mix. Please help this boy. For more information, contact Laureal at Los Banos Volunteers for Animals at 209-617-2008 or




Owner keeping  - Bishop, CA - Torres is a beautiful 4 y/o neutered male HuskyMalamute that needs a home right away. He and his sister (from a different litter) got carried away with chasing and injured a small dog. Animal Control wants to take them both away and they will be euthanized. Torres is good with some medium and large dogs but not with small dogs. He also weighs about 90lbs (sounds overweight for his size) and would love a new home where he would get adequate exercise, one-on-one attention, some training to learn to be good around all dogs. Torres does pull on leash but he also is their running partner, usually 4 miles every morning. He stays with his owners quite well. He also has skijoured. He is very well behaved indoors and is housetrained, but does like to dig so needs adequate fencing and dig guard. Torres has no food aggression with his sister or people and is quite submissive around kids and strangers. He is extremely loving and affectionate with humans and once he gets to get to know you he will be a lovebug. Torres only has a short time before Animal Control may take him away as their court date is coming up end of May, but they have allowed the owners to keep both dogs for a little while longer to look for a new home.
Owner keeping! - Reno/Sparks, NV - beautiful Husky pup, Leila, is only 2 years old and needs a home fast. Her family cannot keep her and she may wind up at the shelter very soon. Leila is friendly, likes people and is really fun to play with. She has some training and can Sit, and Stay (for a bit anyway). She is very prey oriented and will not be placed in a home with cats, small dogs, chickens or small animals as she likes to chase critters. She is still a pup and cannot be left home alone as she will chew things. She is a bit of an escape artist - typical Husky - so needs 7' fencing. Her owners have "had enough of her" and need her out ASAP or they will bring her to the shelter. Huskies are high-energy dogs and need daily physical exercise - like running, mushing, hiking in the woods. If they don't get this exercise hey get bored and find their own distractions. A person who has northern-breed experience is a must for this girl and she will make a wonderful companion with the right person. We are seeking active owners that will be around a lot to train this pup and keep her supervised. She will not do well left home alone for 9 hours while her owners go to work. Someone retired, can take to work, or that works at home would be great for Leila, but time is of the essence. She has one blue eye and one brown eye! Very pretty girl. Please help this girl with a foster or permanent home. Contact  
Adoption pending - Koda. This gorgeous 4-year-old male Malamute/x weighs about 90 lgs, has basic vaccinations and will be neutered before adoption. He is not an escape artist, and has some training. He is loving and playful with kids, adults and other dogs. He is in good health and would love a home where he will get daily exercise and lots of attention like he is used to having. He does not bark much, pulls on the leash at first when excited but calms down quickly. He likes to chew at times. Owners must move and are very sad they cannot take him. He would be best in a home where he is considered one of the family, sleeps in doors and has a nice yard to play in. Someone that is active and is around a lot (works at home, retired, etc.) would be great for Koda.  


Adopted Lake Tahoe, NV - (outside Las Vegas) this beautiful Malamute/mix boy, Bear, is about 5 years old, neutered, and weighs about 86 lbs. He was rescued from the shelter before he was going to be euthanized and is living in foster care with Carlos, the gentleman who rescued him. Bear received a vet check, vaccinations, microchip, and dental cleaning and is now ready to go to his new home. He has a bit of a prey drive and plays a little rough so will not be placed with small dogs or cats. He is very friendly but will be protective if he is in his car. Bear is healthy, strong and housetrained and loves to just hang out with you, and now knows some commands. He's a little pushy with kids and plays rough so we would prefer a home without small children. He does not like to be left home alone so a secure yard with 6' fencing and daily exercise would be great for Bear, with a person who is around a lot that can teach him new things. He is best with large dogs and it would be nice to have a large female as a companion. An adoption Application and Home Visit is required. 

Adopted! Sadie is a beautiful creamy-white 10-year-old, spayed female Husky/White GSD. She is not very big, about 45 lbs. now but at her perfect weight she is 55lbs. Her coat is luxurious and soft, she is curious and when she feels safe and is happy and comfortable she is beatifully housetrained and will let you know when she wants out. At Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue she played with her male canine companion, Muraco, and loved being with him. Sadie is very shy with certain men so we are looking for a single woman who is calm, patient and understands sweet Sadie. Once she gets to know you she will allow you to pet her and put a harness on her and soon she will want cuddles, brushing and lots of affection. A woman who is self employed, works at home or retired would be perfect for this beautygirl. If you have an older male companion for her to hang with that would be ok too. In September 2013 Sadie tore both her ACLs and has healed nicely, but she cannot roughhouse with a young and playful canine companion anymore. She is fine if left alone in the yard, or in the house with deck for a few hours once she bonds with you. Sadie is curious with new people while out walking and will go up for a sniff and greet. Indoors she is curious and will sometimes come up to visitors and hang out close by and if you are patient, she will allow newcomers to pet her. She walks nicely on a leash/harness and loves to go for hikes in the woods and creeks where she is most comfortable, relaxed and happy. She loves our picnics and she often takes a nap after a nice hike. With a patient and calm handler she responds very well. It would take about 3 weeks for Sadie to settle in at a new home with real adjustment in a few months. With a regular routine she becomes more and more comfortable every day and is very well behaved albeit a bit nervous with loud noises, shouting, and quick movements. Sadie is fine with kids that are calm and allow her to approach them, and she loves our 11-year-old grandson. She lets him brush her as well as leash and walk her... but we will adopt Sadie into a home without small children, small dogs or cats - i.e. a calm and quite environment. She is much more comfortable with women, but ok with calm, gentle men (she has a male dogsitter!). She is good with other dogs when introduced properly on a walk but can be assertive if they are not calm and respectful. We need to find a forever home for Sadie. It would be nice for her to have a home with another woman who loves her like her Foster Mom does. Sadie loves to come inside and be with you especially in the evenings to watch TV and likes to have someone around a lot. Sadie LOVES to watch wolves on TV! Presently she sleeps in the bedroom all night and is allowed to come and go to a deck through a doggie door. Sadie needs a secure fenced yard and the option to sleep in or outdoors, and would love a doggie door to a back yard. A patient and gentle owner would make milestones with this sweetie. Sadie is submissive with humans and is not aggressive at all and will run away from you when anxious or scared so she is an escape risk for the first few months until she settles in. She loved to play with her boyfriend and is very energetic for a 10 year old, but with her weakened knees she will not be allowed to play rough ever again. She can have an older male companion who is calm and could just keep her company.     Here is a short video ...   lying in grass getting belly rubs from Foster Mom who just adopted her!


ADOPTED - RENO, NV - Beautiful Kuvasz pup, 8 months old, 58-lb. neutered male needs a home ASAP. Owner can no longer keep him due to health issues. He's a sweet pup and needs training. He likes to counter surf if you are not there to supervise him, and he likes to chew things like most pups so he should not be left home alone unsupervised. He is housetrained and well behaved when you are around and he's very affectionate, loves to play. He is good in a 6' fenced yard and loves to ride in the car. This boy would be best with a person who works at home or can take to work as he has a little separation anxiety and would love a canine companion. He would do very well with an active family who can give him lots of exercise to help him stay calm. This breed needs training and an experienced handler and this guy has lots of potential.  If you are interested in giving this sweet boy a good home please contact Pamela at an Adoption Application and a Home Check required. 
Adopted! Koda in Springfield, AZ - is a beautiful 5 y/o neutered male. He weighs only about 63 lbs. His owner died and this poor boy was by himself for 2 days before anyone knew. The family was going to shoot him and kept him in a stock trailer for 10 days in an empty lot. They said he was up to date on his vaccinations but we have no paperwork on it. [He can be checked for titers.] He finally got rescued by a wonderful woman, Chris, that took Koda in along with all her other rescued animals. She is fostering him temporarily but has 12 dogs, 7 cats and as many other animals, so Koda needs his own home. He is getting along with the other dogs but not good with chickens or prey animals. When he killed a chicken, Foster Mom yelled at him and he dropped the chicken immediately so he is responsive - but no chickens please! We don't know how he is with cats so he will not be adopted into a home with cats. Koda is very loving and energetic - he likes to run and play and needs an active lifestyle so he can be calm and well behaved indoors. He is ok with other dogs, better with females. The second day he jumped the fence and went on his walk around the mtn. - he visited all the neighbor dogs (fenced as well as the ones outside) and showed no aggressive behavior. Koda seems to like other dogs and loves to play. He thinks he is a puppy! He walks nicely on a 20' lead right now and is well behaved indoors as long as he gets regular exercise. We don't know how he would be with children. He is in a 7'-fenced yard currently so that is what we would like to find for him (or 6' with overhang). Not a digger. Koda is in good health. He jumps on the bed and wants to play - if asked to get off - he rolls on his back and acts goofy.He hasn't had much training but we are working with him. He is friendly to people and is already bonding with Foster Mom, so we want to get him into a home of his own as soon as possible. Transportation help is available. If you can give this sweet boy a permenent home, please contact Pamela at 
Adoption pending - Bishop, CA - Nube (pronounced New-bay) is a sweet 5 y/o spayed female HuskyMalamute that needs a home right away. She will be adopted separately from her brother as they are both much better alone when not getting into trouble like brothers and sisters do! She and her brother turned play into prey chased and injured a small dog. Animal Control wants to take them away and they will be euthanized. She is good with other medium and large dogs but not with small dogs. Nube is spayed and weighs about 90lbs (a bit overweight) and would love a new home where she would get adequate exercise, some training and learn to be good around all dogs. She pulls a bit on leash so some training in thise area would be good as well. She is very well behaved indoors and is housetrained, and does not try to escape her yard. Nube has no food aggression with her brother and is quite neutral around kids and strangers - she has that Husky aloofness sometimes but is affectionate to her human once she has bonded. Nube only has a short time before Animal Control may take her away but they have allowed the owners to keep both dogs for a little while to look for new homes where they can get some training. Time is of the essence! Please contact  if you are interested in Nube.
Adopted! Sweet Home, Oregon - Chief Sr. and Oso [father and son] need home by mid April! . Chief Sr. will be 20 yrs old in March (shorter coat).... he is an amazing guy in great health for one of his age. Chief Sr. is not neutered. Oso is his son and is 8-9 yrs of age, neutered and also in great health. Oso and Chief Sr. must be placed together. Chief Sr. and Oso have not had any socialization work and have only known the people who have them. They have also only lived outdoors and would be very happy having a big yard with trees and shelter where they could live out their days in safety while being cared for. Because of Chief's advanced age, we will not consider any long distance transports. They will also not be placed where there are small children, cats, small dogs or other male dogs...Chief Sr. is still the alpha even at his age. If anyone can offer them a life of peace, where they are loved and given good food and care, please contact Kim at or call 541-382-0065 
Adopted! Galt, CA - Shivani - This beautiful Malamute/mix was found running loose. He was so timid and scared at first but now his is a giant teddy bear and very huggable. Shivani is good with Foster Mom's pack of German Shepherds and loves all the kids and dogs at the dog park. He tries to eat her parrot, so no birds please! This pretty boy is about 2-3 years old and has been through a lot. He is vrey shy with men so there may have been too strong of a hand here, or abuse. Shivani will need someone that can help him learn to trust and enjoy being around men again. He needs a home of his own with a secure fenced yard and someone to play with so best with other canine companions. A person around most of the time would be great to continue his training and daily exercise.
Adopted - Ione, Washington - Mika is a totally awesome girl ... just about as perfect a companion as one could want in a dog ... she is housetrained, walks on least great, has excellent recall and manners ... she absolutely adores every person she meets and behaves beautifully when taken into social situations.  Mika is currently in foster care where she has been cared for since she was rescued from a shelter in Livingston MT. She is a spayed, 6-yr-old girl whose perfect home would be with someone who either works from home or is retired ... she will not be happy being left in a yard while people are gone all day ... she wants to be with her people and not left alone. She loves going in the car or just wants to be lazy in the house with them. Mika was exposed to some feral cats and didn't pay any attention to them but more extensive testing would be needed for a home with cats. She likes other dogs and wants to play but doesn't seem to have good play skills because she will zoom up and wrap a paw around them which is alarming to some dogs who see her playfulness as a bit scary ... however Mika doesn't have one aggressive bone in her body. Any companion dog will need to be a mellow, non aggressive type who won't feel threatened by Mika's play behavior. Mika is a very large girl ... not heavy but extra large in stature with beautiful long fur so grooming will need to be something her new human companion will enjoy. Please contact Kim at or call 541-382-0065 for more info on how you can adopt beautiful Mika. Also find an Adoption Application in Adoption Application


Adopted! - Auburn, CA - This Handsome Malamute, 1-3/4 y/o Fenris is about 80 lbs, neutered, and UTD on vaccinations/licensing. He may have some Red Husky in him with that beautiful golden coat and possibly some Cream German Shepherd. Look at those big puppy ears! Fen is good with other dogs, but he will chase cats, so he will not be adopted into a home with cats or other prey animals. He walks nicely on leash but if there is a squirrel around all bets are off - typical to the northern breeds. He knows basic training and has no food aggression. Fen is in good health and is submissive with adults and kids. Being the young, athletic dog that he is, he loves to chase birds, cats, chickens and livestock and his new owner will need to work on recall. Fen has a strong sense of "pack" and likes to be near his foster dad, and gets anxious if he is separated. He does like to chew and tear up his blankets, so this boy really needs a very active human to get him out daily two or three times. Because of his separation anxiety Fen would be best with someone that is around a lot (retired, works at home). He would be happy going for hikes and runs to drain that puppy energy. Some work with a trainer or a dog-training class would also benefit this boy as he is smart and has such great character and disposition. Fen will need escape-proof containment (6' fencing with overhang, or 7' fencing) for those times when he has to stay home unsupervised. He would benefit with an active dogggie companion, maybe a nice big female Malamute! This boy may wind up in the shelter if he does not find a home right away - owner can't keep him any loger. Time is of the essence, so if you have good northern-breed experience, and can give Fen a secure foster or permanent home, please call Pamela at (775) 833-2066   
Adopted Redding, CA Shelter - Rescued by Lucky Paws - Thank you! This Husky/mix boy, Blaze, was running loose on the streets in his neighborhood since November. His owner gave him to someone else, Blaze escaped and came back to his old home. Owner would have nothing to do with him. Blaze is a sweetie. The neighbors had been feeding him and a caring woman was going over there and feeding him by hand and he would take the food gently. She said he was so happy whenever she would arrive and he acted like he wanted to go home with her a few times, but was too shy to get in the car. The photo at the right shows him eating calmly in the driveway. He's a beautiful boy. She put a bed under the original owner's deck where he had been hanging around for months. Only recently he started expanding his territory and then killed a chicken, so all hell broke loose and he was chased, tranquilized and captured and now at a shelter - very distressed and starting to snap. I think this boy has good potential and adopted to the right person with good northern-breed experience, escape-proof containment, and lots of time to spend with Blaze. I'm sure Blaze could use a calm canine companion to be an ambassador as he was good with the neighborhood dogs (no small dogs or cats please). Blaze will only be released to a certified Rescue.  If you can help this boy, please contact Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066  or email at 
Thank you - time is of the essence!


Adopted! Las Vegas, NV - Wylie only has until March 14 to find a home. He is a beautiful boy, about 6 years old and a bit shy with strangers. He is very bonded with his owner and will have an adjustment time in a new home. He is housetrained but not good if left home alone. Secure escape-proof enclosure is required (7' fencing or 6' with overhang, and dig guard). He's a sweet boy and gets along well at the dog park. Animal Control insists he is a wolfdog and will not allow him to live in Clark County We don't want to see him euthanized.. If you can help this boy please contact to know more. 


Adopted! - SF Bay Area, CA - Fritz - who also responds to Peak - is a 12-month-old (neutered, vaxx’d, microchipped) gorgeous Husky mix weighing approximately 70 lbs. He’s quite the looker and has a happy, upbeat disposition with plenty of healthy energy. He is trained with basic commands and is recall trained. He also enjoys bikejoring and mushing with a scooter. He loves having the company of other dogs and exploring the wilderness with his person. He seems to get along with gentle, respectful children and prefers female company (in general). Since he is so shy with new people, and takes a while to warm up to them, he will need proper introductions with visitors and strangers. His foster home has begun training him to look forward to meeting new people, and that training should continue in his forever home. A home in the country with escape-proof fencing, lots of outdoor activity, playful dog friends, and stay-at-home guardians would be absolutely perfect for this boy. Since he is still so young Fritz will do best with a calm, assertive handler that can put him into training classes - as well work with him one-on-one. He's a sweet boy and needs a home right away. Owner leaving town soon. If you are interested in this handsome boy, please complete an  Adoption Application  and contact his Foster Mom, Robin at for more information about Fritz; or call Pamela Jo at (775) 833-2066. 

Adopted! San Diego, CA - Athena needs to be in her new home by March 1. This beautiful girl lost her home when her owner passed away but she was immediately helped by a wonderful person who has been fostering her while she is waiting for her forever home. She is a husky mix who is approximately 75 lbs and 4 yrs of age. Athena was with the same person from 6 wks of age until her owner passed away a month ago and will need a compassionate and patient person who will help her adjust to her new life and home. Athena has the sweetest temperament and loves women and children but is very shy and skittish around men. She loves other dogs very much and will need to be adopted in a home where there is at least one sweet socialized dog for her to be best friends with to help her feel secure and confident. Please contact Kim at 

Rescued/Adopted - Clayton, CA (Contra Costa County, 50 miles from San Francisco) - Here is Nikki - a gorgeous 8-year-old Malamute/German Shepherd boy that needs a good home. Nikki is about 90 lbs and is neutered. He has not had much exposure to other dogs and strangers but is great with cats. Nikki is housetrained and not destructive when left alone. He does not dig or climb or try to escape and is very secure. Presently with owner, he is free roaming on their unfenced property, but we require 7' fencing for all our rescues for those times you need to leave them home alone. Nikki has some basic training, knows Sit, Come, Outside, etc. He is a bit of a counter surfer and does not like his bones taken away, but that can be addressed with proper training. Nikki is generally submissive with other dogs and people and has a sweet disposition. He likes to sit on chairs like a person; likes pack interaction with both people and dogs; likes to sleep on furniture but content to sleep in his bed and also outdoors. Nikki is very smart and can open doors, howls at the sound of ringing phone, enjoys hiking and treats, and although he likes children is better suited to a calm environment without kids. This boy has a great personality and is very bonded wit his family. He will need time to adjust to a new home. Owner left the country for work and Nikki needs a new home. Nikki will need a handler that is experienced with Malamutes and can start socializing him right away. Nikki is currently working with a personalized trainer so we are hoping that new adopters will continue with this. Please know that all recues take a while to acclimate. Often they do get depressed losing their families (especially when they were there from young pups), but with lots of attention and daily exercise, as well as a solid connection to let the dog know he is in good hands, they do adjust to make wonderful companions. Please allow a few weeks for this transition to take place with any dog you adopt, and the bonding process will begin! We do not want any of our rescues bouncing from home to home. We need someone committed and that has lots of time to spend with Nikki helping him to learn to trust the new people in his life. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in this beautyboy at