Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue    
Successful Adoptions 2014 
These animals have been adopted out by LTWR and our networking partners. They have been placed in qualified, forever homes. Many thanks to everyone for their continued help and efforts.
Finally Adopted! Northern California - Griz, a magnificent neutered and very large Malamute is approximately 4 yrs old & is located in CA where he is in foster care. He is up to date on his vaccines. Although he is a really big boy, he is very sweet and outgoing. He absolutely adores women and loves men too as long as they aren't macho types or rough with him. Griz is a very happy, social boy and gets along well with most dogs, male or female, large or small as long as they are not alpha types. He would love to have a home where he would have a dog buddy and loves playing with both dogs and people. His foster mom takes him out when she goes on the quad and he loves running beside it. She has also been allowing him to be loose in the pasture with the horses and dogs he likes to play with. Another of Griz's favorite things are the water troughs!!! Griz is house broken, a good car rider and just an all around wonderful big boy who would love to have his very own special home.  
Adopted! Mulberry, Kansas - Rowdy is a pretty Husky boy that needs a new home. His owner is ill and cannot care for Rowdy anymore. We do not want him to wind up at a shelter, so time is of the essence. He's a pretty big boy, most likely overweight at 112 lbs, and he may have some Malamute in him as well. He seems to do well with other dogs and even cats. He's lived outside in a pen his whole life and digs a little because he wants to get out to play and interact. He requires 6' fencing and has not attempted to escape by climbing or jumping. In a new home all dogs should be supervised as much as possible as they will be frightened in a new home initially. The more the dog can get out to play and exercise the better! His age is unknown but he seems to be in good health. All vet records available. 
Adopted! Sacramento, CA - This pretty 8 year-old Great Pyrenees named Isabella is a love! We have personally known Isabella for many years. Her owner is relocating, and the new living arrangements include two small dogs, so she needs a new home. Isabella is NOT good with small dogs. She is good with other big dogs and all sizes of humans.
Just not cats and small dogs. She takes a long walk every day with her owner and likes to hang out in the yard alot. An adoption application and a Home Visit is required for all our adoptions.
Urgent - Sacramento, CA - Purebred Akita Needs home soon. This gorgeous, long-haired, multi-colored female Akita is named Ember. She is young and has been spayed. She is good with most dogs with calm and proper introduction. She has been living with a very dominant GSD that keeps attacking her and she may wind up at a shelter if we don't find a home for her - foster or permanent. Ember walks nicely on leash, is housetrained and well behaved indoors. Ember will still need some training as she is a bit frightened and shy with new dogs since she has been attacked so many times but she is getting better each time. She is also a little nippy if you are quick to reach out to her and don't give her time to meet and greet you. A little time and patience will teach Ember to relax and have fun with other canines. It would be best if we could find a home with a calm and playful male companion for Ember, and with someone who is around a lot to spend time with her. We require a secure fenced yard for all our rescues and she would probably be fine with 5-6' fencing. Time is critical! Please contact Presley at 530-391-8427 or email her at
  Note: This is a courtesy listing, Ember is not a wolfdog.
 Adopted! Auburn, CA - Aphrodite - is a very sweet 4 1/2-year-old spayed female. At her perfect weight she weighs 73 lbs and looks to be mostly White German Shepherd/Husky. She's very shy with men but warms up quite fast with women and calm children. She is doing very well walking on leash through the woods and likes going for hikes whenever she can. Ditey is very affectionate and wants to be loved and will give kisses once she trusts you. Ditey will need someone around a lot - works at home, retired, etc.) as she likes to be with you and has separation anxiety if left alone. She is fine for a few hours if she has a very secure yard and a male canine companion but not good to be left home all day indoors. Aphrodite would do best in a home with no men, and a patient and experienced handler who will take Ditey around with her, get her used to going places and doing things, and will teach Ditey to trust men eventually. It takes a while for these rescued dogs to acclimate in a new home so Ditey would be best with a gentle and patient woman that understands her shy nature because she is very very sweet and has a delicate nature. We think she has had some abuse in her background by a man as she cowers and shakes when a man attempts to pet her - but she loves her cuddles with a woman. She would love to have a male doggie companion (to be an ambassador and for those times when left alone) and she needs a secure yard in case she gets startled or frightened. She loves her fleece blankie and Mercola dental bones. She looks different in all her photos but she is beautiful and oh so sweet.
 If you think you have the proper environment for Aphrodite and can give her a commitment to help her trust, Ditey would love a forever home with you ... poor Aphrodite really needs a true home after all these disappointments. Her Foster Mom wants her out right away or she will be brought to a shelter. Ditey really does need to get out of a kennel and into a real home ... has been living in a small 4' x 8' kennel, sleeping on concrete too often, and would really love to have a home she could call her own with good daily exercise (which will also help keep her feel calm and secure). Please email   
 Adopted!  Neima - is a 6-year-old grey-and-white spayed Malamute/mix female. She is about 76 lbs. Neima is also very shy with men and will cower if a man tries to pet her but at her foster home a man has been working with her and making progress. She is learning to trust and she will take treats from your hand and is learning to walk on a leash so  much better than when she first arrived. She's is still pretty scared about new things but learning to adjust better and better every day. She did very well getting bathed and also did well when we drew blood for blood panel, she's quite submissive. Neima likes to dig a den so Dig Guard around your escape-proof yard is recommended (she would love to be able to dig a little den for herself). Neima loves to go on hikes and an experienced handler is just what she needs to help her to learn to trust and be comfortable around new things. Neima is a real sweethert especially with a woman who understands the breed, someone she can trust. Neima has been living in a small 4' x 8' kennel, sleeping on concrete, and would really love to have a home she could call her own with good daily exercise (which will also help keep her feel calm and secure). 
Adopted - Auburn, CA - Zerk is a beautiful, large 6-year-old neutered boy about 105 lbs. His handsome conformation appears to be mostly Malamute but he has huge wolfy feet. He has beautiful yellow eyes and LOVES his treats. He did very well getting a bath and is quite affectionate. He can be an escape artist if bored or scared so heavychain link or wood fencing is recommended for this calm and sweet boy. Keeping him happy with hikes every day will certainly help him feel more secure and he would certainly settle into a home he can call his own. He would be best with a nice, large female companion. We were told that Zerk is good with kids but we don't know for sure. A calm and disciplined household with lots of hiking and a large yard for him (and a female buddy) would be great for Zerk. He does get a walk or two a day but has been living in a small 4' x 8' kennel, sleeping on concrete, and would really love to have a home he could call his own with good daily exercise. Here is a little video of Zerk walking with Neima (first part of video; second part is Aphrodite with her Great Pyrenese friend). They are all still quite shy and need a special person who will help them learn to love life!
Adopted! Santa Barbara, CA - Kula is a sweet and beautiful Malamute/GSD boy, approx 5 years old and neutered. Kula was rescued from a high-kill shelter by a caring woman who has fostered him since, but now Kula must find a home very soon as she can no longer keep Kula. Kula was attacked by a couple of loose-running dogs and now is a little shy around pit bulls since the attack. He bonded with her 9-y/o son who handles him well, and she describes Kula as a gentle giant. He is a little aloof when first meeting but sociable boy once he gets to know you. He howls instead of barking and has beautiful gold eyes. He is a little defensive/dominant with new dogs but with proper introduction and an experienced handler that is used to Malamutes, he learns fast! He walks beautifuly on leash and is a prince indoors (housetrained). He has had weekly training for the past month and doing so well! No small dogs or cats please. His foster mom really does not want to give him back to the shelter .. please help with foster or permanent home. If you are interested, contact Jennifer at:  Time is of the essence for this beautiful boy!
Adopted! Yerrington, NV - Momma German Shepherd, Marie, is a beautygirl and needs a forever home! She is a very sweet girl and great with little dogs -might even be good with cats too - not tested yet. She walks on leash and is very smart. She is living in a kennel situation at her Foster home but would love a nice couch to lie on with you and a human to call her own! Please give this girl a forever home. She came in as a pregnant stray but will be spayed before adoption. Her puppies have been adopted as well as Dreamer the Dad below. Application, references and Home Check needed for adoption. Please contact Kris at Safe Haven Rescue. Contact Kris at
Santa Rosa, CA - Loup is a very sweet 2-year-old neutered male high-content wolfdog that needs a very qualified home. He is a little shy and aloof with humans but with an experienced, calm handler he responds very well. He will walk off leash and stays with a pack most of the time (not the best recall), but will need lots of training and bonding with his new owner first. Loup would also be best in a home with very active owners that can take him hiking every day and that are very wolfdog experienced. An active person who is around a lot (retired, works at home) would be the right match for this boy. His owners love him but they have young children who like to play with Loup and they all get a little too excited sometimes. He is gentle with the little girls but gets a bit rough with their 7-year-old son (or is it the other way around? Their son likes to wrestle with him). We would like to rehome Loup into an environment with no children or small pets. Since he is still young Loup is submissive with other dogs and accepts the subordinate position in the pack but will respond if challenged. Loup will need an escape-proof containment ... 7'+ fencing with dig guard would be best for him. He has not tried to escape his own fencing as he likes to stay with his male dog friend, but he does have separation anxiety if left alone or in a new environment and will chew things. Therefore, Loup will need another canine companion at his new home to make him feel more comfortable and secure. A dominant female who can teach him would be great for this sweet boy but he's good with all dogs. Loup will be adopted only to those with the right environment and lifestyle. 
Venice, CA - Laska is currently in a foster home but Laska really needs a home she can call her own. Laska is a beautiful white and grey, 18-month-old female Husky/GSD [pictured on the right]. About 60lbs, and at 25 inches at the shoulder she is sweet as sugar, loves belly rubs and will hook onto you with her cat like paws for more affection. She is a cuddly girl who loves being petted, and will lean on your for more ear rubs. When not playing, she is a quiet, relaxed girl content to be curled up on a couch or dog bed. Laska is not needy and is comfortable with her own space and is quite independent, but also enjoys her humans. While she is not crated in her current foster home, she will willingly go into a crate and could easily be crated for bedtime if desired. Laska does well with males and is eager to play. She does best with a large, dominant male dog as she tends to play hard if the male is submissive so we are hoping to find a home with a big boy for her to play with. She should not go to a home with another female or one with small dogs or cats or any prey animals. She has met several dogs on her walks and does well with proper introductions. Rescued from a shelter as a stray, she is learning her manners and doing really well! She walks well on a leash but likes to explore and sniff everything. She is still a puppy so chewing things is still very fun for her and a wary eye on what you leave lying out is recommended. Laska has some minor issues with food - she will counter surf if food is left out but she is doing better with that too. Behavior modification and extensive training has already begun in her foster home and she is doing so good ... continued training is recommended for this smart girl. She should be fed separately from other dogs. We think she may have been starving awhile on the streets becasue she was very thin when rescued. She is eating like a horse now and starting to look even more beautiful! Laska can only go to a home with secure containment as it is likely she is an escape artist and is very smart. She is quite lithe and athletic! Although she has never tested her fencing or tried to jump, 7' fencing is recommended unless you have an overhang on 6' fencing. She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She would be a wonderful, loving addition to any home that is experienced with wolfdogs and northern breeds. If you think you can give this lovely girl a forever home, please email
 Richmond, CA - Nika is a silent gentle soul. She will melt onto you if you touch her, she can be playful but mostly likes to sleep if it's too hot outside. She is not the typical high energy husky and she does not talk or bark like a husky or shepard. She is a mellow Shepard/Husky mix that will have everyone asking you "Is that a wolf?" She is not, though occasionally a siren will set her howling. She likes to be either with you every moment of the day or requires a brother/sister dog to keep her from getting separation anxiety. You can not leave food out on counters with Nika so needs some more training with this. She will get into trouble if you do not pay her attention. If you are looking for a companion in a gentle sometimes skittish dog Nika is your girl. She sheds a lot but loves to be brushed.  She does not fetch or chase balls or sticks. She is an unusual character. When I got her she had been rescued from Shasta County and has damage to her ears. To help with her anxiety I got her a companion dog which she raised as hers. She and Apache [who look similar] have been inseparable and if you want to keep them together that would be great. Read more about Apache in below.
Adopted! Richmond, CA - Apache is actually a Tamaskan Dog, a breed made to look like a wolfdog and information about this breed is available on the internet. She is almost three years old and has real spirit! She looks similar to Nika, her buddy. Apache is well trained, affectionate but also has a strong prey drive. She needs an experienced handler and someone that can spend a lot of time training and keeping her exercised. She is not good around small fearful or submissive dogs. She is companion to Nika a five year old female husky/Shepard mix. They keep each other quite calm and mellow. Apache is neither hi or low energy. She can be playful, likes sticks(to destroy not to fetch) and has the most amazing eye contact. She is not a barker however she briefly barks/growls when an unfamiliar person enters the home or house. she loves to be touched and enjoys meeting new people. other dogs and cats may take a little work. 
Adopted! El Dorado County/South Lake Tahoe Shelter, CA - Griffin - This pretty young boy, about 1 year old, looks to be mostly White German Shepherd (definitely not a wolfdog). He's a sweet boy, a little shy and loves to play "keep away" but once he trusts you he likes to cuddle. Griffin would probably be best with dogs his size (not under 40 lbs) as he likes to play rough. Griffin just needs a good handler, someone that can take him out for hikes and give him some training - it looks like he hasn't had much. There is a trainer, Guy Yaeman - in South Lake Tahoe that offers
training for the life of the dog with his course.
Adopted - Bakersfield, CA - Elektra is a beautiful 2-year-old spayed female. She is Husky/German Shepherd and needs a home by END OF SEPTEMBER! Owner can no longer keep her and is gong to bring her to the shelter where we know she will not survive. Elektra weighs approx. 65 lbs and is current on vaccinations. She is good with all dogs, and is ok with some cats if they are calm and not playful, but supervision advised. ELektra walks very nicely on leash and has great recall. She is housetrained but has an accident if left too long. She can climb a 5' fence so 6' fencing is required. She knows basic commands - Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Go to Kennel, Go to Bed. Elektra has no food aggression but we always recommend not to free feed, and to feed all canines separately so they can eat calmly. She has a senstive stomach like many of this breed, so a real-meat diet is advised. Elektra loves the dog park and has had no issues but will react if strongly challenged. She's submissive with humans and good with children. Like many rescues Elektra does have separation anxiety and should not be left in the house unattended. She needs good daily exercise and a secure yard for those times when you are not around and would love a nice male canine companion to keep her company. Elektra is calm and mellow and just likes to hang out with you. She has a lot of patience with small or young dogs and is mostly a woman's dog - does not listen to men so much unless they are calm, patient and good handlers. She will howl if lonely or try to dig out if she is anxious so an owner that is around a lot - retired, works at home, etc. would be perfect for this sweetheart. Owners have had her for 2 years and just don't have the experience, containment or time necessary for this breed.  
Adopted - Redding, CA - Jake is a stunning 2 1/2-y/o male Husky/x that needs a home soon. Jake weighs about 65 lbs, is neutered and current on vaccinations. He has been receiving heartworm preventative for his area. His dad was a purebred Siberian Husky. Jake acts like a typical Husky but can be cautious of strange-looking objects (wheelbarrows, etc.). Jake's owners say: "He loves meeting people and other dogs and would love to get to know the local deer and rabbits if we let him! He is also fascinated with children and loves our 2-year-old grandson and plays with our 9-year-old grandson and is submissive to him. Although at times, Jake is cuddly by putting his head down between our knees to be rubbed, petted, scratched and hugged, he is definitely not the lap-dog type. He'd rather learn a new command, be talked to, play, or fetch a ball in exchange for a treat. He's very smart, and seems to know what a person is saying to him, and loves being indoors with you. He does not like to fight .. would rather go home, but will react if challenged. Jake has only seen cats from a distance and has not ever met one up close. I'm sure he would probably consider a cat as something to chase but it's unknown.  He's a Husky and wants to pull. We use a Holt headcollar (power steering) and he has been trained to heel on the left by verbal & hand signal commands. When he gets distracted or excited, he's a bit frisky, and we have to shorten the leash, hold his collar, or just make him Sit until he settles down. He can get very squirrely when he gets excited. He really enjoys going on walks and he's actually very manageable with the Holt. He's especially good on our way back to the house after a jaunt around the neighborhood - stays right with us. He REALLY loves things that are white, and his favorites are napkins, paper towels, kleenex, and socks - which could cause severe gastrointestinal problems if he eats them, so caution and supervision is recommended when he is in the house. He'll try to search my husband's pockets for the latest kleenex but he'll basically try for anything within his reach that isn't anchored down or too big. Typical puppy behavior. His very favorite is the TV remote. He's munched up several of those. Jake's not allowed to have the run of the house as he's just one of those dogs that gets into whatever's around him - probably because he is young, intelligent and curious. He likes to "counter surf" to scope out what's there, too, so he's not allowed in the kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms without supervision. He's never been crated, but is leashed when indoors (double thickness leash) to our dining table leg and has a special carpet to lay on underneath the table, which is on a wood floor. He has his water, and a toy or two, and we give him a beef bone to chew on at night. This is so he is not roaming and getting into mischief. He is house trained for indoors and Jake always lets us know when he needs to go outside and does well until morning. If emergency he will give us one bark in the middle of the night to go out, but I would say that probably 95% of the time we never hear a peep out of him all night, even when we have overnight company. We have a couple different ways we play ball inside with him:  "soccer" & "hot dog" ball, and he knows exactly how to play each one! We also usually have some time of reviewing commands and of course our "sing time." He mainly likes to be outdoors." Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue likes to adopt their rescues into homes without children simply because they do better in a calm household and one where doors won't accidently be left open for escaping
Adopted! Palomino Valley, Reno NV - Bailey - This beautiful 8-year-old female Sable German Shepherd needs a home right a way. Her owner died recently and all the animals at the ranch need new homes. Bailey weighs about 60 lbs and is up-to-date on her vaccinations. She is a Sable Shepherd and is great with cats! She walks on leash but prefers to roam free at their fenced-in ranch. She would probably be a good off-leash dog once she bonds with a new owner. Bailey is very well behaved indoors and follows voice commands well. She has mild hip dysplasia since 3 years old but regular walking on the ranch has strengthened her muscles and she walks very well and has no issues. She just can't jump into a car or truck and should have a ramp. Bailey gets along well with other dogs. She may test a newcomer with a head over shoulder posture, but that's about it. She loves to be with her people and enjoys riding in the car on outings. She likes sleeping inside with her humans and is quite the social gal - just likes being with you. 
Adopted! - Auburn, CA - Leo - is a big, fluffy and handsome 6-year-old boy who looks mostly Malamute. He is currently in a kennel/foster home but needs a real home very soon. He is very friendly and affectionate, albeit very shy when he first meets you. He was adopted by the breeder to a home with other dogs and he got along fine with them. Leo loved his new owner and would not let her out of his sight. In his new home he learned to go for hikes on leash in the woods and he travelled with her to work in the car, but Leo did not like being crated while she had to work. He chewed out of the crate and wanted to lie by her side, but this was not allowed at her place of work. He does not do well when left home alone unless you have an escape-proof enclosure (6' secure fencing) and buddies for him to hang with. They loved Leo so much they bathed him, groomed him, and had him to the vet right away for examination and neutering. Leo's bloodwork came back negative and he has a clean bill of health - he's up to date on shots. Unfortunately the woman has to work and could not leave Leo home alone. Sadly they gave up sweet Leo. He is now with his other packmates at our Foster Home being boarded at a kennel. He needs to find a real home soon so he can lie on the couch and be loved. Please contact Pamela Jo at  
                                                           Leo getting a hug by volunteer
Leo & a buddy
on couch
 Here is a short video of Leo and Aphrodite in the play yard together ...
Owner keeping! Sandy, Utah - Kanoa is a very beautiful neutered Alaskan Malamute! His weight is approx 90 lbs and has had all puppy shots and 3-yr rabies. Generally good with other dogs. If they are territorial sometimes he can be dominant with them, but ABSOLUTELY LOVES playful and friendly dogs large or small.
Kanoa has never been around cats. Kanoa needs a little more leash training as he's a tugger. He does love to go on hikes off leash and does pretty well.
He's kennel trained, house-trained, well behaved in the house. He loves to take showers and drink from the sink when invited and has quite a personality. However, occasionally he's been known to chew up one of your favorite articles due to separation anxiety ... that's when the kennel comes in handy, but his anxiety is because he is not getting enough exercise. Kanoa really needs daily exercise and that means at least an hour run in the woods or hiking with him. He doesn't dig, climb, jump fences. He's also calm and content with being out in the backyard rain or snow as long as he gets his hikes and a good exercise every day. He knows the basics - sit, stay, shake, etc. He's a bit resource protective with his food and doesn't like his food messed with if he's already eating. If he's not eating, it's not a problem. Some training to fix this is recommended. Submissive to women and kids and puppies. He displays a little dominance with men some times until they show him that they are calm and confident. Right now Kanoa doesn't like to listen to anyone but his female owner so he will need some training and bonding with his new owner... perhaps a woman experienced with this breed would be great for Kanoa. He jumps up on people until he really gets to know them, mostly out of excitement, so a strong handler that can teach Kanoa some manners woud be best. He is super playful and LOVES to cuddle. He doesn't like his collar being tugged on. Kanoa is an amazing road-trip dog. He's well behaved on long-hauls and rides well in the car. He can sense if someone doesn't like him. Only one other person has gotten really close to him ... a 17-yr old boy, playing with him and giving him real love and attention. Putting in the effort made a WORLD of difference. Kanoa treated that boy like a king. He's wonderful at being a protector when needed. Once you get to know Kanoa he has the biggest heart. You just need to take the time to know him, and you will surely fall in love with him. Kanoa is learning all kinds of new things and is a wonderful dog.  
Adopted! - Las Vegas Area, NV - This beautiful young 1-yer-old White Husky/mix is named Polo and is areal sweetie. He is neutered, pure white, about 45 pounds, gets along with others dogs any size, likes people and is very friendly. He is energetic and needs a home that can take him hiking every day. Polo needs training because he is still a pup and likes to jump and dig. He is a fast eater so 3 small meals a day is best for him until he learns to slow down. He may have had competition as a pup. Real meat in his diet would be a plus for this boy. He was rescued from the shelter and is presently in a foster home outside of Vegas, but his Foster Dad can only keep him for a couple of weeks as he already has two big dogs.
Rescued! Middletown, CA - Two beautiful wolfdogs have been saved by a neighbor who contacted us when owner was going to shoot them. 
 Omak has been adopted by Wolf Connection in Acton, CA. 
Adopted! Angel is a gorgeous, large 6-year-old spayed female. She is shy needed a wolf-experienced home. That means she needs secure escape-proof containment and a handler that is very patient and gentle. She is good with some dogs but definitely a Houdini escape artist. She is doing so well at her new home that they take her everwhere and she loves meeting new people now.
Thank you Lyn and Herbie!
Omak is the male that has been with Angel. He is also a very beautiful wolfboy who needs a home. Omak is 8 years old and is a very large boy. We don't know how he is with other dogs so if we can adopt these two together they won't need any other dogs for companionship. They will need some good exercise outside of their enclosures and some tender-lovin care. These two really need human interacton with an experienced handler. 
Omak has been rescued and adopted by Wolf Connection in So California. Thank you Teo! 
Adopted! Titan is a very sweet 16-year-old Malamute/mix that needs a loving home. He is currently in a no-kill shelter but we don't want him spending the last years of his life in a kennel. This boy is in good health and seems to be housetrained as he waits to go out and does not soil his kennel. Titan is neutered and is fine with other dogs. One little dog was jumping on him and Titan just growled a warning - not nice to do to an old dog! He seemed to ignore the cats that he was tested with but supervision with any kitties would be recommended. He has some old-age arthritis that some Cosaquin for his joints would help. Titan is friendly with people, both men and women. He is quiet and sleeps a lot but does love to go outside and is such a happy boy when he gets attention. It would be nice for him to have access to a back yard - single level is best as he should not be doing too many stairs. He was found tied to a tree and quite unkempt so this poor boy reallly needs some TLC...and Titan just loves to just hang out with you. He is actually quite easy and does not need a lot of walking. One or two short walks a day and access to a yard would make Titan feel like he is in Heaven.
Adopted! - South Lake Tahoe shelter - Cleo - needs a home ASAP!  This sweet one-year-old Husky female will be spayed before adoption. Cleo is a happy, healthy and playful Husky/Malamute mix, housetrained, about 55 lbs, and is very well behaved. She doesn't climb or dig and loves to hang out in the yard, so a 6' fence would be fine for Cleo. She can Sit, Speak, Shake, Lie Down, and hop on her hind legs for a treat! (although this is not advised as it could give a dog future hip or knee problems, especially since she will get a little heavier).  Cleo needs a home because her owner lost job and they have to move to small apartment. Both owners will be working so Cleo would be best in a home where someone is around most of the day to spend with Cleo. She is submissive with people but is a little shy with those she doesn't know, so an experienced handler that understands how to teach Cleo to trust would be a real plus for this pup. Cleo loves to cuddle and play with toys. She does warm up to people really fast unless they are very big, loud or heavy handed. She's very smart and loves learning new tricks and always wants to shake your hand or have her belly rubbed. Cleo does have some separation anxiety and when her owners leave the house she will bark at first. So when her new owners come and go they should do this very calmly and with little excitement, and Cleo will soon learn to relax when left alone. She can be a little dominant with other dogs until she learns her place, so a new home with a nice, young male canine companion would be great for this girl. She loves to play, is very talkative (that is the Husky in her!) and will need 2-3 good hikes a day to keep her calm. A tired dog is a well behaved dog! She is a real sweetheart and we thought her owners were brokenhearted to give her up but we just found out she was dumped at the shelter! Transportation help available. Please contact Pamela Jo if you are interested in this beautygirl 
Loma Rica, Yuba County, CA - Two beautiful mid-content boys Axe and Balto [below] - need homes ASAP. They have been in Rescue for two years waiting for the right home to come along. They are both black-phase two year old brothers, and will be neutered before adoption. Both are microchipped, up to date on vacinations and in good health. They will be adopted separately, we just want them to find good, loving homes. Adopters should be wolfdog experienced, have escape-proof containment, be willing to feed the proper diet, and have lots of time to socialize and give them the attention they deserve. Balto is the more social of the two, is shy but warms up if you know the right way to introduce yourself. Axe is more shy and would be a good candidate for a sanctuary - typical for mid-content and high-content wolfdogs - but since they are young they really have some great possibilities Foster Mom keeping!
Adopted - Reno, NV - Beautiful Caden is only 8 months old and is White Shepherd/White Husky with possibly some Malamute in there as well as he is a big boy. Caden is good with other dogs and loves little dogs, but because of his size we won't adopt him with little dogs unless his new handler is careful about their play. He is good with indoor cats as well. He does pull on leash so a new owner that is experienced with big dogs and can do some training will be a real plus for this sweet pup. Caden is housetrained and well behaved indoors. He may dig in the yard when bored but is not an escape artist, so 6' fencing would be appropriate. He is afraid of men and a little shy of children that are energetic or loud, so a quite household with an experienced woman handler would be awesome for Caden! His owners are giving him up because they do not have time for him. Caden is not neutered but needs to be before going into a new home. Please give this sweetie a good home. He will make a great companion for someone who likes the outdoors and will take him for hikes every day. Owners will not keep him much longer. Please email  Pamela Jo at  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
Amos has been adopted! Truckee, CA - Amo - which means "I love" in Italian - is now, thankfully, in a wonderful home. He is a large, young two-year-old male Malamute/Akita mix that was left behind and abandoned when his owner moved. He weighs 107 lbs. but needs a few pound more. Amo was loose on the property and was very sad waiting for his owner to return - which never happened [photo to the left]. A neighbor was feeding Amo but due to other dogs on the property we feel Amo did not get sufficient food. Amo is a sweet boy who used to come in and lie on the couch but he stayed away from people that approached so it was difficult to catch him. Thanks to our volunteer Preston Cleary, Amo is now safe and very happy that he is in good hands. He had a vet visit and blood tests and is enjoying some real food! Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is paying for his vet visits and kenneling  while he was at Foster so Amo can get back into tip top shape. You can see by the two other photos [right and below] that he is already feeling better after his bath, brushing and good food! His coat is now a luxurious mix of browns, blacks, reds, golds and white. Amo is a sweet-natured boy and now has a home in snow country where he won't have to deal with ticks, fleas or heartworm, and he will have lots of room to run in the woods, visit streams and lakes. He is fine with other dogs and ignores livestock. We hope to get to see Amo blossom over time!
  If you would lke to contribute to Amo's vet and kenneling costs, click here Donations  and be sure to mention Amo's name ... and Thank you for all your support!
Adopted! - Noel only had a few days to find a home. She is a young, rowdy 8-month-old pup
that has growled during the handling portion and the resource guarding portions of the shelter's evaluation - so she failed their test and will be euthanized if not rescued by Jan. 14!  She has a lot of energy, can be vocal, and needs more leash training. Evidently she was never given any training or guidelines and so thinks she is the leader. Noel is very sweet, loves belly rubs, and gets very excited when staff enter her kennel. She's quite the social butterfly and loves to play. She was housed with other dogs at the previous shelter, but has not been paired up yet at the shelter in Sacramento.  NOTE: Noel was only available to reputable Rescue groups.
Adopted! Castro Valley, CA - Koty needs your help right away. Koty is a beautiful 6-year-old Siberian Husky that was rescued from a high-kill shelter. He is currently in a foster home but Koty's foster has cats and a senior female dog and Koty is not good with them, so he has to find his forever home right. Koty will be very happy in a home without other dogs or cats. He is wonderful with people but a bit dog selective (good with some large dogs) so his training should be continued. Koty is up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. He waks beautifully on leash, is calm and minds very well. He knows his commands and is a people pleaser - loves affection, belly rubs, and his ears rubbed. Please contact Starr at Rising Dove Rescue at
Owner keeping - Herald, CA (Sacramento area) - beautiful Lobo is a 2-year-old male Malamute/Shepherd mix that needs a home pretty soon. He is about 100 lbs, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is currently in a foster home. Since he is very fearful of men, Lobo needs a home with an active woman that is around a lot and can give this sweet boy the attention he deserves. Lobo is good with other dogs, mostly large and medium dogs. He has never been around cats so we will not adopt him into a home with cats. He is leash trained and behaves well indoors but is not house trained yet as he is outside most of the time. He likes to dig and would need a fenced yard with at least 6' fencing, with dig guard. He has had some clicker training, has never bitten anyone and is quite submissive and shy, especially with men and strangers. He's submissive with children and lives with kids now, but we will not adopt Lobo into a home with children as he needs a nice, calm environment. Lobo is crate trained and likes to sleep in his crate.  
Adopted - South Lake Tahoe, CA - El Dorado County. This is handsome German Shepherd, Prince, who needs a home right away. Prince is only 3 years old, neutered and weighs about 80 lbs. Prince has been evaluated by two Canine Behaviorists and deemed very adoptable to the right household. Prince is extremely sweet and loves to please his humans. He is current on vaccinations and is good with most dogs... some he does react to especially if he is on leash - he does have some leash excitement aggression. But off leash Prince is friendly and playful. He's pretty good on leash when strange dogs are not around, but needs a strong and knowledgeable handler to guide him and teach him some basic training. Prince is housetrained and very well behaved indoors, and not being a jumper is fine with 6' fencing. For the first year and a half Prince was with a trainer learning basic obedience but the trainer moved and his lessons were not continued. Prince has a tendency to take control if he feels insecure or if his handler is not in control, so a confident person who is experienced with German Shepherds would be a real plus for Prince. Prince has no food aggression nor any special needs. He is great with people. He is very sweet and absolutely loves his senior woman owner and is so gentle with her. Prince's owner is not strong enough now and not able to walk Prince any more so he is not getting any exercise and is quite frustrated. We need to get him into a home ASAP - a foster would also be welcome as we don't want Prince going to the shelter or he will be euthanized. Transportation help is available so if you would like to meet this handsome boy, please contact Pamela Jo at or Brian at German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley at as soon as possible. 
Roseville, CA - Nina (below left) is about 4 years old and is a bit shy, but she just needs a gentle and loving owner that can spend time helping her to adjust. Nina appears to be German Shepherd/Husky and is VERY underweight. She needs someone that is patient, gentle and can fatten her up before she is able to be spayed.
Nina has spent her life on an chain with her mate Roski (who has been adopted into a loving home). We would like to find a forever loving home for this girl. Please contact her foster, Preston, at to know more about Nina or email Pamela Jo at  for an Adoption Application. All references will be checked.
Puppies adopted!
Adopted! Dreamer is the proud pappa of these puppies. We think he is about 7-8 years old. You can see the German Shepherd in Dreamer. Both momma and pappa were strays and Momma came into Rescue just before she had the puppies - lucky for her! Dreamer is very sweet, an older boy that does not draw a lot of attention and we would hate to see him live his life out in a kennel situation at the Rescue. He is very lovable and good with other dogs and people. He would love his own forever home so he can plunk his butt on a nice doggy bed and get belly rubs. If you would like to give Dreamer a good home, please contact Kristine at Safe Haven Rescue in Yerington, NV. Transportation help is available. Contact Kris at