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Sierra & Tundra - Adopted to Santuary! - Two beautiful, very Hi-Content Wolfdogs have been transferred to a Foster Home in Nevada. These two spayed females are sisters and came out of the Devore Shelter just in time. Their owner died leaving no provision, so they have been living ferally for nearly a month ... they are experienced hunters and have been able to feed themselves. Sierra & Tundra are "escapists-extraordinaire." These two can go over a 7-8' fence easily. Superior "Wolf" containment with overhang/hotwire and dig guard was a must!  

Zumi- Adopted! - Short for Montezuma, and born in June '08, Zumi is a very handsome Low-content Husky/Wolfboy of 8 months old. He is shy with men and kids, but warms up once he learns to trust them. He loves other dogs, and was brought up with two small dogs. Zumi is neutered, and does fine in a secure fenced yard with 6' fencing. A doggy door is always nice as he likes to be indoors with you too! Zumi is neutered and in good health, very energetic and needs lots of exercise. Although submissive, Zumi needs a gentle pack leader to help him have more confidence. He is now living in a wonderful loving home!


ADOPTED! Teelo - Taliyah's brother of 11 months is shyer and more reserved. Friendly but less active, Teelo walks well on leash. This gorgeous Teelo wass working on some health issues and now has a permanent home in OR.
Moose - Adopted! - This magnificent pure Malamute is 4 yrs old, neutered, and has all his shots. He thinks he is a puppy and is very energetic. Moose is the unfortunate victim of being in a household with crawling infants, food, and a busy mom who couldn't keep an eye on everybody at the same time. Food fell on the floor, and an infant wound up being nipped. Moose is good natured and had been around children for the past year without incident. He has some training and is well behaved, housetrained, and walks off leash with you. He found a wonderful home at Lake Tahoe with lots of snow to play in!  
Apollo -  Adopted! - Sweet, 1 1/2-yr-old intact Husky/mix is now in a wonderful, loving home. Apallo was extremely thin, but with good attention from his new owners, he has gained weight and looks beautiful. Apollo's original owner was very young and gave him up with three other dogs. Apollo is very sweet and really tries hard to be loved. He walks well on leash, is housetrained, and is good with kids, cats and other dogs.
Dante - Adopted! ... This Regal 8-month-old, mid-content Shepherd/Wolf - he is friendly and playful with kids 5-10 years old, but very reserved around adults. It is unknown how he is with other dogs but when he has run off he is usually found in the company of other local dogs. Dante is not leash or obedience trained, and gets upset when someone tries to leash or collar him. He is 30" at the shoulder. His right eye was injured early in puppyhood, not attended to, and now blind in that eye. He is very quiet and "wolfy" in behavior - his beautiful movements are very liquid and deliberate. Apparently he was abused at a very young age and then dumped. 
ADOPTED! Star - this lonely Malamute/Husky/Low-content wolfgirl lost her owner when he remarried and the new wife didn't want her. She cried for her "dad" and cheered up now that she has a new home with loving companions. This photo doesn't do her justice, she is very pretty!
Balto - Adopted! - this beautiful Husky is not a Wolfdog. He is about 1 1/2 - 2 yrs old, friendly, walks great on leash, good with other dogs, knows commands [had good training!], is affectionate, well behaved, and just all around a great dog! The owners did not keep him contained and he runs around chasing cars, cattle, and getting in trouble. The shelter picked him up three times due to irresponsible previous owners. He is now in a wonderful, secure home and very happy!
Adopted! Baron - Such a beautyboy, this pure German Shepherd Dog is only 2, neutered, smart and energetic. He was previously injured, and the owners did not have him treated, so he lost his leg... but that doesn't stop him. He doesn't know he only has 3 legs! Baron can jump into the car, hike and play with the best of them! He got along well with other dogs at the shelter, and is now in a real home with lots of love and attention at beautiful Lake Tahoe!
Zeke back home again! - this beautiful 9-yr-old neutered purebred Siberian belongs to a person who loves him very much. They are travelling to Japan soon and would like to find someone who can give Zeke Foster Care for 1 year... Zeke is gentle, affectionate and good with other dogs his size. He is ok with children if they are not too rambunctious and loud. He is afraid of gunshots and loud noises. Zeke is used to going for 2-3 mile walks every morning and often a 2-mile walk in the evening. He has some recall but likes to chase deer and is prey oriented, so best on a long leash in wilderness areas. 
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