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Adopted! Juan - this gorgeous, neutered male wolfdog is only 15 months old. He is currently located in S. Oregon where he is in foster care learning manners and some obedience training. He was taken from an abusive situation (tied up, no attention, poor food, no love and no name...deprived of exercise and social interaction). He is doing so well in his foster home and has learned some obedience....he is still being worked with on his house training though. Juan gets along well with other dogs and is friendly and outgoing with people. Juan's foster dad was a long distance runner which Juan really loves... so he makes an excellent running partner.  
Adopted! Feather is a very pretty three-year-old spayed wolfgirl. She is very tall and lanky. Feather came back into rescue after spending her first two years with her family. Sadly, divorce caused her to lose her home and she is a very unhappy girl. She loves people and being around them and is used to having a family. Feather does walk on leash but needs more training as she is exuberant and playful and just likes being with you. She loves riding in cars too! 
Timber - at 6 months old  Timber now 
Timber - Adopted! this beautiful high-content wolfboy was adopted at about 6 months old in 2006. His owner had him 3 years, but is now getting married and Timber is not welcome in their new home. Timber is a sweetheart, walks well on leash, is great with other dogs and is very playful and energetic. He is doing well in his new home that has escape-proof containment, two large canine companions, and lots of exercise every day. He is shy at first but warms up when he learns to trust you. Timber has some anxiety issues due to rough treatment from a man.
Timber rock climbing Timber and new companion 
Adopted!  Hi! I'm Shiska (which is Russian for Pine Cone which is what everyone calls me), a beautiful, spayed female wolfdog, approximately 5-6 years old. I have to pack my belongings into my handkerchief and find a forever home. My beautiful family that adopted me from a rescue a few years ago are not doing well. My momma passed away from cancer and a few months later, my daddy got sick so I had to go away to a friends house in California. Dad is very sick and feels it best that I find a forever home with people who will be able to take care of me.
Adopted! Kiska, with Naya and Pamela
Kiska was fostered for a long time, awaiting a home that was just right for her. Pamela decided that the best place was with her!
Taliyah -  Adopted! born approx. February 2008, she is Teelo's sister [see Successful Adoptions], and Ana and Zuni's pup [above]. Taliyah is totally a lap monkey. She is exhuberent and loving and wants to be close as possible. Doesn't have a mean bone in her body, loves everybody - men included. She is a very big girl and will need large, secure containment with 7-8' fencing, and lots of exercise.
Niveah - Adopted !  Pretty, black-phase, low- to mid-content wolfgirl Raven is a northern California rescue. She was owned by a "collector" who had 18 dogs and over 20 cats, many of whom were confiscated and wound up at a shelter. Nivea is a little shy, but loves to go on walks and does pretty well on leash. She is UTD on shots, microchipped, and spayed.
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