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Adopted! Trevor  - is a beautiful, neutered male Low-content Wolfboy, up to date on all his shots, about 6 or 7 years old. We adopted him from the local shelter about 3 years ago and he's a well-mannered dog but needs more attention then we have been able to give him. We love him alot, enough that we know he needs a home with someone that has time to take him on long walks, and more one-on-one time. He gets along great with other dogs, not so much with cats or chickens; he's escaped a few times and eaten a neighbor's chicken twice [that's what they are supposed to eat, but not the neighbor's chickens!  
Cheyanna Adopted! is a very loving girl, about 7 yrs old, Husky/German Shepherd, and possibly a little wolf. When found, this poor girl had a choke collar embedded in her neck and an 8' chain attached. She was about 20 lbs. underweight [she should be about 85 lbs.] She likes other dogs but can be dominant. She seemed uninterested in cats, she even ignored the roosters! Cheyanna is housetrained, loves to go for car rides, knows some commands [sit, lie down, stay, wait]. She walks well on leash, but her off leash recall needs work. She loves her squeaky toy, dog bed and bones! Cheyanna shows ZERO food aggression. She loves to be around people, is very affectionate, and shows some separation anxiety. Chey LOVES children of all ages, even 3-month-old babies. She visits the school kids [1-4th graders]. She is shy of men, but is OK once she gets to know them. She is an escape artist. She used to climb an 8' fence, go for a walk, then come home. Once hot wire was used, she started climbing trees to get over the fence! She's very smart! She deserved a forever home!
Polar - this white beautyboy lives currently in WI ... a wolfdog that had been confiscated along with a couple of hundred other animals in a sever neglect case. He is not quite a year old, and very thin. We had him neutered, wormed and vaccinated. I asked for a miracle... but there already was one miracle the day those animals were taken from this home. 
Kovu Adopted! - With beautiful dark markings, Kovu is a pretty German Shepherd/Husky. He is about 1 1/2 yrs old, walks well on leash and loves to ride in the car. Kovu needed secure containment. Now in his new home he has found a sweet female companion to play with for hours. Kovu is now in a loving home at Lake Tahoe, with a wonderful couple who give him and his girlfriend lots of attention and hikes in the snow. [This boy was being transported to different home when he got loose. The "new owner" took two days before she contacted us to tell us he was lost. He was found 2 1/2 weeks later outside of Redding!] He's had quite an adventure getting to his forever home!
Wolfie Adopted! - Beautiful Low-content, 3-yr-old Malamute/Wofdog, neutered and microchipped male. Wolfie and his mate Precious were dropped off at a shelter because their owners "didn't have the time..." Wolfie was aggressive when we first got him, but with gentle and consistent training and dog classes, Wolfie now walks gently on leash, loves to be indoors with you, LOVES his hikes/playtimes every day. He is fine with 6' fencing and dig guard. Wolfie weighs in at about 84 lbs. and now has a forever home at Lake Tahoe.
Falcore - Adopted! is a sweet, 9-month-old male GSD/Husky mix. He will be neutered before adoption. He is presently being held at the Charleston Animal Society, SC. Falcore is timid in the shelter but submissive and friendly to people and other dogs. He is a playful and happy dog, but the shelter cannot hold him much longer. He sticks close to people and has good recall within the shelter exercise yard in South Carolina.
  Adopted! Lotus - this beautiful high-content wolfboy is only about 7 months old. He is very affectionate, yet puppy-nippy and mouthy. He needed a wolf-experienced home who can give him boundaries and guidelines and help him grow into a well-behaved, well socialized wolfboy. Lotus is now in a wolf escape-proof containment, and has lots of exercise and attention. Lotus lives with his pack of 7, and he's great with other large dogs. Lotus is in a wonderful Home now!
Adopted! Bolo [we also call him Kevin] is a 3-4 month old pup, male, high content wolf dog. Though slightly shy when first meeting strangers he thrives off of dog-to-dog interaction, and LOVES to play with as many dogs as he can get his paws on. He also thinks kitties are pretty cool....well at least for now. Despite him being a high content, he is a really good pup in the house. He is crate trained and actually pretty well behaved in the house. He hasn't learned to jump up on kitchen counters yet and would much rather do the Indy500 in the house. He is a very very sweet guy who absolutely has to have other pooches in the household. This has got to be one of the coolest pups I've ever met.  
    Heeling with Margie 
Adopted! Luna - This beautiful young GSD/Husky pup may have a little wolf in her. She was bought from a breeder by a young man who now realizes that he doesn't have the experience, time or means to keep her. Luna was born March '08 [she's about 9 months old now]. She is good with people and dogs, and loves to run and play. 
Nakai as a pup  Nakai now 
Adopted! Nakai - Beautiful, white neutered High-Content Wolfboy. Extremely shy with humans, but non aggressive and playful, Nakai is about 7 1/2 years old and neutered. He has not been handled by humans much and does not walk on leash. He needs a large, wolf escape-proof containment with lots of room to play. He will come up to you as long as you do not reach out to grab him. Nakai is submissive and very friendly to most animals. Ignores cats, and loves other dogs. Nakai shares his bones and food with other dogs and even spent time with a goat companion while he was a pup.
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