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Adopted! Myatuk - this beautiful boy is only 2 years old. He loves other animals, kids and cats too! He is housetrained, and will stay in yard with 6' fencing. His owners love him but were relocating and couldn't keep him anymore. Myatuk is in good health, is neutered, and is very happy in his new home! 
Adopted! Drago is living in El Paso, TX at a Foster Home. He is 4 years old.  He stays outside only because he is too large to be indoors. He would love to be indoors, just put a lock on all food cabinets and give him some training! Drago is leash trained. He is playful with all dogs of all sizes, will chase cats. The fencing should be at least 6 ft. with overhang or hot wire. He is estimated 6 foot tall on his hind legs. He doesn’t seem to dig. He is very cautious and aggressive toward men, but loves women, and children of all ages. His new Mom is working with Drago and he is doing better now with men, learning to trust. 
  Adopted! Blake 
This sweet beautyboy is Blake, a 6-year-old neutered male, quite large. He is in Portland, IN. A Husky/Norwegian Elkhound mix, he was turned in by his owners. He is terrified at the shelter and they deemed him "unadoptable."  He may have been abused as his collar had to be cut off [it was bolted!] and he is a bit hand shy... but great with dogs!  Blake is located in Portland, IN. Secure, escape-proof containment was required.
Jessie - is now in a wonderful, canine-experienced home, with a big, fenced backyard, and two canine buddies to play with. She has a 15-yr-old companion, Trevor, who trains her daily and they have such fun! Jessie has found her forever home and is so happy!
Adopted! Maddy is a sweet, 1 year and 1 month old Coyote/Labrador cross. She is spayed and microchipped. Maddy is mostly Labrador, and has been around dogs of all sizes and ages and loves to play. She will chase cats. Maddy walks on a leash but is still learning and pulls when distracted or excited. Behaves well indoors, she is housetrained. Mady is playful, jumps and climbs fences and is very good at escaping. She is submissive to humans of all sizes and will allow children to take even high value foods from her. Maddy enjoys sleeping on furniture and snuggling with you. She is still a pup and truly enjoys chewing, so appropriate toys should always be available to her, or she will find her own! 
Adopted! Kiah is mostly German Shepherd with low-content wolf. She gets along great with large, male dogs (prefers male wolfdogs or german shepherds). Kiah is SPAYED and very playful! 
Adopted! Shadow - this stunning 8-yr-old GSd/Husky/low-content wolfboy is even better looking in person. Loves women, warms up slowly with men; ok with kids, but no small animals [small dogs, ducks, goats, etc.]. Very friendly with larger dogs. He's a bit shy of strangers and strange places, but after learning to trust, walks well on leash. Indoor he is a calm, gentle boy who loves to have his tummy rubbed! He is housetrained and has no separation anxiety when left alone at home or in the car for a few hours. He does not take food off the counters and is very respectful. At 8, he is in good health and can jog with you for a mile before slowing down.
All went to sanctuary ...Mom and pups! A wonderful caring woman took in the puppies that were born outside. The momma dog is too frightened to come to her, but comes in to eat and runs! The mom is a Husky/mix with 8 puppies.  
PUPPIES! All adopted! 

   Sweet Luna the mom


All Adopted! Luna was adopted pregnant and had 9 puppies! they were born May 5, 2010 and are 10 weeks old now, ready for adoption! There are two left! They are located near Apple Hill in Shingle Springs, California.

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