About Us

Although Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue only received a name in 2004,  Executive Director and founder, Pamela Jo, has been rescuing Wolfdogs since 1986. In 1991 she founded Pet Network [501(c)3] in Incline Village, Nevada, rescuing and finding homes for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, even a hedgehog or parrot now and then. Pamela Jo also started a Spay and Release program for feral cats and introduced a Therapy-Dog program to the city. Unfortunately neither of which is active at this time.

Pamela served as Pet Network’s Executive Director for three years. She presently serves as an active volunteer on Lake Tahoe's east shore for the Bear League, and volunteers at local wildlife rescue sanctuaries. In 1994 Pamela realized that there was a strong need for Wolfdog rescue, not only in the surrounding area but throughout the U.S. and now LTWR has become one of the Nation's most viewed sites for adoptable Wolfdogs and Northern breeds. For many years Pamela Jo worked alone, saving Wolfdogs from the shelters one at a time, bringing them home, rehabilitating them with a holistic regime, and finding forever homes for them. She also offers her services as a canine behavior consultant.

 Pamela Jo with one of her rescues

Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is now a small grass-roots, all-volunteer group of a few, select and dedicated people that help to save the lives of Wolves, Wolfdogs and northern-breed dogs. Volunteers help with Foster Homes, rehabilitation, Home Visits, networking and adoptions. Pamela gives seminars in the local schools, sometimes bringing a Wolf or Wolfdog with her which helps her demonstrate to all ages about the right and wrong reasons to adopt a Wolfdog. For the past few years, Incline Village's local Rescue group, Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation, helps LTWR by posting our rescues on their website [ www.TahoeWarf.com ].

Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue is not a sanctuary and we do not "take in" dogs on our property. We endeavor to help find qualified Foster Homes until the dog can be placed in a permanent and qualified situation. Our website is to help owners, shelters and other Rescues post the dogs that are in need of homes. All dogs must be associated with a certified Rescue so that we can be assured that the Person of Contact will afford all potential adopters an Adoption Application and a Home Check.

Most rescues are evaluated and receive medical exams. They are spayed or neutered if needed. Some will undergo behavior training at their Foster Homes to help make them more suitable for life with a new family. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, go to Adoption Requirements  to see if you have the basics. In most cases adopters must have past experience with Wolfdogs, and escape-proof containment. This is to ensure a win-win situation for all concerned – the adopter and family, their household pets, neighbors, and the newcomer. Since Wolfdogs are high-maintenance animals, much care is taken to educate the new adopter about all the special needs of their new companion. Follow-up visits from a volunteer help us to know that these animals are happy, healthy and thriving. We also assist the new adopter with any questions, behaviors or issues. If for any reason the Wolfdog needs to be re-adopted into a new home, LTWR continues to offer assistance with re-homing. With this adoption program, along with high-quality nutrition, regular exercise, homeopathy and holistic remedies, Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue has had much success in finding wonderful, forever homes for these misunderstood animals [read more on Rescue Stories ]. Hopefully, all of us in Wolfdog Rescue can create awareness so wise decisions can be made, and eventually prevent the indiscriminate and irresponsible breeding, selling and buying of Wolves and Wolfdogs. Donations are greatly appreciated as the cost of food, spay/neuters, medical treatments, transportation and other expenses continue to rise as more and more wolfdogs are being bred and winding up in shelters. Thanks so much for your support!


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